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Y'all have some very different experiences with Christianity in the US than some of us have had.

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Sister wants to fuck me
Sister wants to fuck me
Sister wants to fuck me
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Vudomi 17.08.2018
Flesh out the fault in the premise.
Zulkirg 23.08.2018
I took a Flintstone vitamin. I find myself more inclined to lash out at the French.
Kagahn 26.08.2018
but not a hipster!
Mezizragore 02.09.2018
The article never said anything about Trump.
Moll 05.09.2018
The benchmark points are a presidents first and last day.
Dicage 11.09.2018
>>" militant GLBT activism is advocating that those who disagree with that should be silenced or, indeed, persecuted, like we have seen with bakers, florists and Bed& breakfast owners.'<<
Kigahn 15.09.2018
Morning all....two days away and if you vote NDP, this is the only gas anyone will be able to afford.....
Nile 20.09.2018
I did reference such a case, another baker funny enough. Something about that flour dough I guess...
Yozshutaxe 25.09.2018
Optics of that I am not sure of who is pushing it.
Vilar 03.10.2018
Hey Tyrone. I read the newspapers, do you?  There are pictures in the newspapers regularly. I already know that you have a computer, so you are free to look at pictures on there also.
Mazur 13.10.2018
Find the link....that will keep you busy a month.
Maudal 16.10.2018
I never said that some people don't profit off of getting other people to suspend logic and reason and accept claims on faith. I'm saying that it isn't worth it for the person being asked to suspend their logic and reason.
JoJorisar 20.10.2018
I agree, I'm not sure how I would deal with this.
Faujas 27.10.2018
I will have the last word, thank you.
Vole 05.11.2018
I just threw the fiddle in for fun. Fact is we have no physical proof of Nero or
Teshakar 07.11.2018
Two young singles getting it on when the students aren't around. Who is harmed and how?
Kajimi 13.11.2018
Your claim is a positive claim you didn't provide sufficient falsifiability to. Nothing on earth demonstrates you true. Provide ONE piece of evidence that isn't better explained naturally. GO ahead. Because if you needed to look up "counter claims" then you may be over your head here.
Meztigami 18.11.2018
Did he? Or is that someone else putting words in his mouth?
Babei 25.11.2018
Then why was he forced to stop?
Malajind 26.11.2018
High ranking? And that excludes any error in his/her information?
Yozshumuro 04.12.2018
Great, we now get to witness the fall of 'E Z Reader'
Daisida 09.12.2018
colorful lights speaks to my childhood. I'm not putting up a fancy schmancy tree. I want one that speaks to me and my family, and that's colorful lights, superhero and Star Wars ornaments, and the goofy little donkey in a blanket ornament made out of wooden clothes pins
Faezahn 18.12.2018
The ignorance is all on your side.
Nikozuru 27.12.2018
Three can be seen as the number for God as well as 1.
Mikale 02.01.2019
lol - I like it strong. Maybe not Armenian or Italian levels, but it's hearty.
Doujas 07.01.2019
Insurance, you see. Our friend Creflo can deflect the demon away from us. But only for a certain length of time, of course.
Mitilar 08.01.2019
And if the English teacher had been quoting Ayn Rand you would be recommending her to the principal, right?
Sat 09.01.2019
This sounds like a very effective way to lead to both women quitting the planning committee. That is probably not the best way to run a volunteer organization.
Akilar 14.01.2019
The Hebrews don't believe Jesus was the messiah. Why quote OT verses when there is no actual lineage of David's line in Joseph's family?
Arar 18.01.2019
And the blue sky is proof enough for me and millions of other righteous ones of the existence of the giant penis monster.
Mezijinn 26.01.2019
Suppose I did. or suppose someone didn't care and saw it as neutral (and of course, there are plenty of people who fit this description). that would mean your position is incorrect. are you saying not one person thinks this way?
Brajas 28.01.2019
Some would rather die than be a slave. "Give me liberty or give me death".
Zolorn 05.02.2019
Kazrabar 12.02.2019
Well at least we got Scott Pruitt out of the deal. So much winning.


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