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Islam is a harmful totalitarian ideology, it gradually destroys every culture it comes in contact with. Turkey used to be Christian, Iran used to be Zoroastrian, Afghanistan used to be Buddhist. All these civilizations were destroyed by Islam.

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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
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That just means she wants you to try harder! :)
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What's L3-6rons finals record again?
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The Quran was obviously not an Arabic translation of the Bible, as you noted. It's an addition - much like the New Testament. Islam is the Arab extension to Judaism, though it borrows heavily from the regional Christian beliefs.
Meztirisar 28.08.2018
He said, ( none of us fought for a stupid song or flag),
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You care, thats why you keep "trying to show people the real me"
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I'm a left-o-phobe
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Whatever excuse you need to run.
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Actually, that is not the definition of atheism. You should know that because you're an atheist too. It's just that some of us take it one god further. Like you, we simply don't believe in the various gods. Views on dinosaurs and such aren't even needed. How do you defy Thor when you hear the thunder from his hammer? But again, as I've proven several times, believing isn't a willful choice.
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it's because you don't understand that Islam is a violent totalitarian ideology.
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so much bewbs lol
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I agree that masculinity and femininity aren't bad things.
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Is it moral to screw a fifteen year old?
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Like the Force?
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Some of the stories are beyond satan himself.


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