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It?s sad that you feel God is hiding from you.

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Tami 23.08.2018
Christians also have a clear definition of what it means to be Christian but that doesn't stop them from committing all sorts of atrocities around the world in the name of Jesus.
Vujar 25.08.2018
"Oh, so that's where I put it. I knew it was around here somewhere. Damn thing's hard to keep track of."
Kelar 03.09.2018
But you're saying you're 100% certain a creator doesn't exist. Is that what you mean to say?
Kilar 08.09.2018
I tried to post a GIF, but it didn't post. : / Let me try again.
Shaktizragore 12.09.2018
So go somewhere else if you want a lefty echo chamber, Rick.
Dugul 17.09.2018
Like men who like large posteriors, Abe Lincoln also cannot utter a half-truth.
Shaktikora 25.09.2018
Lol, the worst! get the gun, Tex.??
Zujinn 30.09.2018
Which only goes to show how stupid the people are, the DNC does vote in the primaries, the people do, and that is who selects the candidates. Anyone that thinks the DNC picks the candidates, must struggle with how the political process in the United States works.
Vudonos 04.10.2018
The world in which we live, is not the world Elohiym prepared originally for us. It is the world of sin which Satan desired for us. The one in which men would live according to the desires of their own flesh and fallen will. Thus, we are warned:
Mikagul 11.10.2018
If you really want to be proven wrong again, sure. He violated the law. He knew of the law, violated it, and tried to hide behind his religion like a coward. You seem okay with this.
Zulular 20.10.2018
So you are this stupid.
Kazralkis 25.10.2018
IKR? Gender reveals...how do they even know with which gender the child will identify. (yes, this is sarcasm).
Sazshura 30.10.2018
"This is a chart that is related to just people in the United States."
Taugar 03.11.2018
That's some creative a$$ stuff right there
Fegis 10.11.2018
Well, I explained why it was wrong. It does not follow from basic probability. For one thing, one can have an absence of evidence simply because of a lack of attempt to try. One can have a lack of evidence because of a failure to understand what constitutes evidence. There are many reasons why there may be a lack of evidence.
Kazrazil 17.11.2018
My Grampa gave me his old Brownie Megalite, when I was a kid.
Mazutilar 19.11.2018
That sounds a lot like Macro evolution.
Gushura 25.11.2018
I had my DNA done--Mostly Ashkenazi Jewish, which is a mix of Middle Eastern and European. I consider the Bible to be mostly mythology.
Dum 03.12.2018
Please accept my charity and move on.
Tojakinos 09.12.2018
Stop agreeing with me! I miss arguing with you. ;)
Fekinos 14.12.2018
absolutely. The Samaritan parable is often trotted out for its only use...its a guilt tripping mechanism. Governmnet has no place in our private and personal affairs. I will say this about abortion, religious freedom and other local things that can be solved at a macro level between the citizens.
Tygom 18.12.2018
Added to US deficit, top four.
Doujar 21.12.2018
I have. And you're wrong.
Mezil 27.12.2018
To be fair, it's 55 dollars. That extra 5 really ramps people up
Tagul 04.01.2019
Good. That childish and bigoted attitude has worked so well for the left.
Faezshura 06.01.2019
I mean they clearly are
Vogor 08.01.2019
Your opinion is only your ignorance.


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