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this is the exact reason, body issues

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Santa cruz pure pleasure
Santa cruz pure pleasure
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Faushakar 08.07.2018
I am a qualified biologist. I *am* an expert.
Doudal 18.07.2018
It's controlling to the extreme. We are going to have kids on MY timetable and if you disobey there will be consequences.
Voodookazahn 19.07.2018
Persecution complex? Where did you get that from?
Akigrel 21.07.2018
Keep being deplorable
Jutilar 25.07.2018
Oh yeah I agree.
Moshakar 01.08.2018
Determinism can be an ambiguous idea. A person may choose to determine an outcome. Or events may determine how a person chooses. How a precise determination is made under the cosmos is not something for which we have (or can have) a complete.explanation.
Vudoll 10.08.2018
Seriously? Its 1953 all over again?
Fenris 13.08.2018
so u still don't know trump
Samukasa 22.08.2018
The European Fascism was generally a RCC project. Italy, Spain Austria, Bavaria, Poland, Hungary were traditional areas of antisemitism.
Gor 01.09.2018
I am generally on the side of 'celebrity' in the eternal match of 'media demands celebrity grovel more, derides them for grovelling insufficiently'. Like, these are 2 private citizens, yeah? What business is it of anyone's if they've had a reconciliation or not? Where's the public interest in any of it?
Kagara 05.09.2018
LOL, you are still trying to claim its "nearly" the same thing when its no where near the same situation. Biden wasn't refused service. Biden was not kicked out of the place (as you falsely claimed). Biden wasn't at first being served and then later kicked out because the employees were unhappy with him being a customer. Again, what REALLY happened is Biden wanted a photo op as part of his CAMPAIGN TRAIL. No one in their right mind would want a photo op with a candidate they disagree with politically FFS. Conversely, if you own a business, if you SIMPLY have a paying customer it shouldn't matter what political opinion that customer has. There's a night and day difference here between those situations and your argument quite simply failed. Yes both sides are hypocrites. But no your argument failed in how you tried claiming one side is more hypocritical than the other. And the fact remains you mislead with the Biden case and you're simply refusing to accept you were wrong in your comparison.
Mikajora 11.09.2018
I will now...........
JoJokinos 12.09.2018
(1) Only as big as necessary for its creation.
Fauzuru 22.09.2018
As Ireland gets out from under it tightens its grip elsewhere.
Yoshakar 25.09.2018
Same, going back to 5th grade. When I walk past a group of people that's laughing, I still wonder if they're laughing at me.
Shalabar 04.10.2018
I certainly don?t disagree and that's just what Francisco and I were talking about; a real-time discussion, an appropriate response.
Ferr 05.10.2018
Not dependant of ones personal opinion. / Agreed upon (potentially) by a vast majority of people.
Kajind 06.10.2018
This person charges an initial fee and then charges based on the prints
Mikasho 14.10.2018
I had a dream where I had sexy time with Jon Bernthal. I want to go back to sleep!
Mazuzil 22.10.2018
You mean the same old story of the homophobic bakers?
Tygosho 26.10.2018
A person can onlt my be stoned after a trial with many safe guards. Including a ridiculously high burden of proof and a chance for the person to stop.
Vudolmaran 04.11.2018
He didn't need to help, they will destroy themselves from within.
Gardasida 11.11.2018
Kover has 5pts in 3 games total
Zolojas 22.11.2018
According to you, is a demonstration, carried out purposefully by God. So you are agreeing that there is no sacrifice?


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