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Actually Tyndale was about 80 years earlier.

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Red blotches on dick
Red blotches on dick
Red blotches on dick
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Wife had his dick
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Blonde gag on dick
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Zolojora 02.03.2018
I didn't have one of those either so I don't know
Araran 09.03.2018
Care to name any mainstream, peer-reviewed scientists who derive ought from is?
Fauramar 10.03.2018
Nope, being gay or straight is NOT a "choice" -- or would you like to tell us how you made the "choice" to be straight?
Tetaur 15.03.2018
Do you have a lot of wives and how do you keep them out of each other's hair?
Fenrijinn 18.03.2018
Consider this: if this is
Tukinos 22.03.2018
You are vilifying people who are concerned with an ideology that threatens our democracy. And again, no matter how many times you repeat it he isn't banning ALL muslims.
Kazinris 23.03.2018
OK there is a picture but has this been confirmed to real??? I have seen pictures of separated illegal children and they proved to have been taken during Obama's term.
Dugor 24.03.2018
So, is this Christian "call to arms" the position of all Christians, i.e. a platform that wants to deny basic health care and a livable wage to US citizens while supporting a current administration that is the embodiment of immorality?
Mautaxe 27.03.2018
He is wrong just as Hawkins is wrong just as you are wrong. I just flipped your response to him on you and for some strange reason you have been arguing that science has found no need for a God. No need would be to omit which we know science has never done.
Zulkinos 02.04.2018
Even the blind have no trouble detecting the wind. It can be easily felt against a cheek and by holding a wet finger in the air and it can be heard rustling leaves in trees.
Gardakinos 06.04.2018
CP. I like that one.
Arashirr 14.04.2018
I agree mostly... it's a phase you grow out of for most people.
Bralkis 25.04.2018
No thanks, I'll pass on your class because you did not even get the quote anywhere NEAR correct. You just let it run through your Rube Goldberg like mind and perspective and claimed that he said:
Tulkis 29.04.2018
Yeah I thought about changing that myself. The belief though is one of the central things about Christianity. You have to keep the word of the gospel. Jesus Christ was the divine son and you must put your faith in him.
Akinomuro 08.05.2018
I agree and also will say your personal beliefs should not be allowed either. Basically that means there should be no government because personal beliefs are what laws are based from.
Tojinn 13.05.2018
Mark, you can't ignore the heinous parts of this "moral code".
Juzilkree 20.05.2018
Raise our daughters and sons to be more self-aware, empathetic, kind, respectful, and most importantly, teach them how to think and verbally communicate effectively.
Gorisar 23.05.2018
And you don't want to believe in God, apparently.
Grotaxe 25.05.2018
Hey Teigha..long time no see.
Fem 31.05.2018
IDK how old she is. Why are you focusing on that and ignoring the problem it reveals?
Tujinn 02.06.2018
Couldn't take photos when O did this either. O had more black sites than Trump. Lol
Mat 06.06.2018
No. Atheism isn't a worldview. Is the answer to a single question. Perhaps you meant humanist or secular or some combination of both.
Fenrigor 15.06.2018
Well, sorry if you consider it as an insult. I will remove that quote.But you tell me, what the physical thing could be existed before time-space existence and where it was existed if there was no time or space for existence?
Moogugore 22.06.2018
yes, cause the idiot right loves these culture war stories
Kigataxe 27.06.2018
Point is, people that believe there's a God respect the fact there's a judgement coming. People that deny this are bound by their own morals alone. In the case of an atheistic dictator, their influence is that much greater.
Mujind 03.07.2018
You should. Your ?? says you're sleepy. :) Thank you for my medal, any timeline on my statue?
Turn 07.07.2018
oh I see. Sorry then.
Goltihn 11.07.2018
I wanted to get one of those, only much lower between the two dimples I had above my butt.... in the end I didn't get one, but that was mainly do to my age and my religion. LOL


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