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Children are not ideologies. Children are PEOPLE!

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Faushura 02.04.2018
I do not really know how the "olden days Palestinians's" looked like. Do you?
Zulkinris 04.04.2018
History is not The truth, it has some truth, but it is not definitive, for it can be altered.
Dull 09.04.2018
I agree the 1st question is worded too strongly. The appropriate question would be what I've already stated above.
Vozilkree 12.04.2018
they are still there
Zurisar 14.04.2018
Discrimination based on an inherent difference.
Goltikazahn 23.04.2018
All I can say is praise be Ganesha or is it Xenu, so many to choose from.
Shaktigore 25.04.2018
Yes, you CAN separate MY language from what, for example, Gould says. His point remains.
Mazulmaran 30.04.2018
That I despise frauds such as you.
Tozuru 02.05.2018
Hahaha, how precious.....
Arajas 07.05.2018
Namecalling deleted, Deb. Keep it civil please.
Nitaxe 11.05.2018
Like in a court of law, yeah...many suggestions of the truth off the facts presented. There's only one truth though. Its interpretation your side suggesting truth, with God evidence suggesting truth. You reject God by accepting another. It's how it works, intentionally...weeds out those that simply don't want God. It matters apparently to God, like us. We give our heart to Whom we choose and it matters. God too
Mell 12.05.2018
It was up to Sandra to set a price for her work up front & only charge more if Kim asked for more services.
Voodoojinn 14.05.2018
Lol, or lived it.
Meztishicage 21.05.2018
Everything is choice and decision. But we also have to accept that those choices and decisions are made from what is learned. Then we have to consider what was taught -- the person's environment.
Dozragore 31.05.2018
Ok, I didn't consider that the hill. I thought it started as a general thought for all ages, which I disagree with.
Yoran 03.06.2018
Unless all customers are actually equal, why should they all be treated equally? Am I not allowed to offer special items to the customers who tip me or happily buy my more extravagant works? Am I not allowed to be dismissive of customers who have been rude to me? And, if the seller has to treat all customers equally, why don't customers have to treat all sellers equally?
Zoloshakar 07.06.2018
It's always interesting when religious fundamentalists lecture others about a "given regime of indoctrination" -- which is a perfect summation of your beliefs.
Zolobar 12.06.2018
>>"Yes. And a person can give up being a Christian, or become one.
Galabar 19.06.2018
That?s the funny thing about Roseanne, vulgar commentary yes, but no worse than the stuff said about trump and his family regularly.
Mezizahn 29.06.2018
Trump is damaging his own country's economy. Nothing admirable about that.
Tejind 08.07.2018
There was no Jesus, its a myth.


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