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Facts are foreign to liberals.

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Many of those kids came here illegally by the thousands on trains from Honduras and Guatemala. We have a duty to send them back to their homelands and not decide we're going to "raise" them in warehouses with gov employees for parents.
Kasida 15.07.2018
Well, republica "ants" assume falsely to be the center of the universe; that is a laughable belief, hhahahahhahahh
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You think that's bad? Try falling in love with an entire channel of women????
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No, but what a foolish business move on their part. They'll be sorry they didn't move quick enough to promote it first!
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or in the therapy sessions that will surley come later on,,
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False. Having proven "Aristotle's god" you've errantly made an argument from ignorance asserting it was YOUR god. lol Nope.
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That's just a fact of life.
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Nope. I was at a concert. You were probably out kicking over signs.
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Murder isn't always illegal. Sometimes it gets re-labeled as "justice", "defence" or "collateral damage". And not everyone agrees that it's wrong under this labels.
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3 more and count me in..
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All that to say, in Rudiger language, that it's a religious level, faith-based belief.
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Attended a wedding reception Saturday night. Small ceremony with family and friends. Sit down reception with 9 course Vietnamese dinner. I had a great time. Not offended in the least that we weren't invited to the ceremony.


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