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Chris fulo, not having a clue how to react. She could only hope she'd would go unnoticed, but she wasn't about to remove herself from the scene.

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Awesome, but she might be a bit young for the reference!

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Por el culo vrgen
Por el culo vrgen
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Akigal 25.02.2018
That?s a lie.
Disida 05.03.2018
Go back 300 years, have all your children die, and fight a war. Come back when you're done.
Vudotaur 13.03.2018
Lol And again with the husbands coming to the rescue?! These flowers are too delicate to talk about scary, manly things like money themselves? *eyeroll*
Doujind 20.03.2018
Cool. I'd hate to be a tin can in your backyard.
Zulugore 29.03.2018
Awesome find TFCC
Naran 01.04.2018
How do I know ??? "something" doesn't come from "nothing".... A Silly Monkey would think that..
Fetilar 06.04.2018
There are several proposed laws and regulations at both the state and federal level that would allow ANY vendor, not just the baker in the Supreme Court case that fashions himself an "artist," to refuse to serve ANY gay people, not just in cases where they would supposedly be "participating" in an objectionable act separate and apart from the refused service. Furthermore -- and I cannot believe you don't know this, based on the many replies to your previous posts on the subject -- it is undisputed that NO baker, Christian, African American or neither, is required to write ANY specific message on someone's cake if he would never write it for anybody. The Supreme Court case involves a baker that refused to bake the cake before the design was even discussed, much less any writing on the cake.
JoJosar 13.04.2018
" see Hamas threatening Argentinian athletes if they played Israel in Jerusalem.... and then when they cancel the match due to Hamas terrorist threats, they spin it and praise Argentinian"
Zololl 17.04.2018
I didn't say that they weren't imprisoned, tried and executed, I said when they were, it wasn't because they were Christians. Anyone who lived in Rome, if they broke the laws, could be imprisoned, tried and executed. The Romans didn't care what religion you were, so long as you paid your taxes and obeyed their laws. And you could have as many Christian slaves that you wanted, so long as you paid any taxes due on them.
Faum 19.04.2018
This is today's GOP. There was a study done in Mississippi not that long ago that showed 50% of the state's Republicans still opposed interracial marriage and felt that it should be unlawful.
Gajora 25.04.2018
gotta love a god that you are terrified of!!
Zololrajas 28.04.2018
The Ontario election has had quite a few surprises.
Tugor 04.05.2018
Nah... make him baseball commissioner.
Fenrizuru 12.05.2018
I'm open to seeing your religious Christian shooters. I'm not saying there aren't any, but you'll be hard-pressed to show them at the same proportion of Christians in the population. Plus, a couple will become a debate.
Douzilkree 13.05.2018
wait en see!!! :) LOL!!!
Zurg 20.05.2018
men wrote it and made up the stories, fiction/fable not the word of a god but the words of some very creative people thousands of years ago.
Fauzahn 23.05.2018
Buddy, you wouldn't know truth if it slapped you in the face.
Kajizragore 03.06.2018
Most people in jail are christian. That should tell us something.
Tygorr 10.06.2018
My description of communism, in Heaven
Kajilmaran 15.06.2018
Yes I understand how the burden of proof works. I made the claim that Christianity offers its followers a sense of joy and hope in death then I explained how. You seem to be implying that there are secular means to the same end but you?re careful to avoid making the outright claim so you don?t have to defend it. Getting back to the OP, Christianity has made countless positive contributions to both individuals and society at large. It is not the only means by which those positive effects come to people but it is a source. Christianity has also had negative impacts on individuals and society and in the same way it is not the only source of those similar negative impacts. It?s not an either/or situation because it is responsible for both. Just because there are also secular means by which hospitals, orphanages, homeless shelters, etc. come about doesn?t take away from the ones run by Christians.
Kazahn 16.06.2018
I addressed what you wrote and what you wrote alone. You make a fallacious argument then complain about where the thread has gone? Whats the definition of irony?
Mauzragore 25.06.2018
Why study when you can just ask your god to cheat for you?
Gabar 25.06.2018
Only a totally sad loser would do such a thing.
Zulkishakar 05.07.2018
Depends on the version of the Bible being used.
Arashihn 16.07.2018
When I was in my 50's and after my second wife ran off with another man, I dated for a while. One of the women I dated belonged to a Protestant prosperity church. I'll call her Paula since I don't want to use Dawn's real name. Anyway, her first husband was physically and mentally abusive and when she was a little girl, she had been sexually abused by her grandfather. I didn't do drugs or abuse alcohol, I cleaned her house, I cooked, I even did her laundry. I was never cruel or abusive. I even went with her sometimes to her church. One Sunday after church at her parents house, I was asked what I believe. I told them that I was atheist. Paula called me the next day and told me that she would not see me any more because her family did not think that I was good enough for her.
Vunos 17.07.2018
Countries that consider themselves Socialist or Communist today have rampant poverty, ALL OF THEM being higher than their Capitalist counterparts. North Korea is a self-described Socialist state and people die of starvation daily, China is a self-described Communist country yet the economy is much more Capitalistic, although the government is used as a means to control the people and censor speech. Vietnam and Cuba are communist and yet have high poverty rates.
Arashirisar 19.07.2018
The original Christianity was a gnostic Jewish sect. Presumably related to the Essenes. The similarities between the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Gospels are remarkable. Particularly John 1. Pure gnostic.
Gukasa 21.07.2018
You didn't have to mention it last night here, nor did you have to go pontificate there.
Meziran 25.07.2018
While you are correct that the treaty was breached? It is still one of the first examples of where a Founding Father stated that the United States was not founded on the Christian religion. I did forget about your quote, I do have it. But I forgot I had that one.
Nikomi 26.07.2018
Is our Calender based on mohammed?


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