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I'm an atheist and believe in morality. Hence he's wrong.

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Gashicage 27.08.2018
For the record, both of these men are still retards, regardless of their political persuasions.
Tygojin 05.09.2018
If they contend they are gods representative yes
Arashakar 14.09.2018
"How are they going to launch the possibly ONE and have it hit a target without getting obliterated?"
Mezim 21.09.2018
Is that the god that disappeared 2,000 years ago and only exists in christians' imagination? Funny you claim your god is real and Islam's god isn't and they claim exactly the opposite. And yet, you're both wrong.
Kizahn 24.09.2018
Hmmm, doesn't look like plagiarism to me. What you highlighted as him plagiarizing is just him providing a list examples of Christians making victims of people unwilling to convert.
Zulkitaur 01.10.2018
I have asked the same question to believers multiple times. "Why can't you just admit that your belief is illogical?" Just stay out of reasoning (which you aren't good at anyway) and proudly claim "I have faith." (Which you put above reason anyway)
Dim 03.10.2018
House hunting and work. ugh!
Yozshulmaran 09.10.2018
It is that!
Daishura 19.10.2018
Thankfully...but we'll see for how long now that the Democratic Party no longer has a super majority in CA but thankfully, we're doing well. I just wish we didn't have to spend so much damn money fighting Trump.
Gara 28.10.2018
I can go along with that.
Akizilkree 29.10.2018
Fair enough. You do just like it says. Litmus test is given in there. It says to believe either by the word or by the works. Today, works are prophecy. John 14 29. When it happens as stated, you'll know. You prove God exists today...for the skeptic, like thommy boy. Believe by empirical evidence. 1/3 is prophecy. Spend a good solid day researching, watching documentaries etc
Vojas 08.11.2018
There'll be no talk of religion here, missy!
Mezil 09.11.2018
Well, it is not a photo.
Goltishura 20.11.2018
It was a question in the OP if anyone cared.
Totaxe 28.11.2018
The universe is as approximately old as the science says. Genesis is irrelevant 1) because it was written by, and for, a pre-scientific people, who 2) were not teaching science, but rather a Middle Eastern creation myth as seen under the auspices of their claimed covenant with their deity.
Dall 03.12.2018
Yay, none coffee drinks unite!
Tunos 09.12.2018
I think it's a mix of factors: mental illness, poor social skills, law self-confidence, etc...
Dajora 11.12.2018
The conservatives can use the AG numbers as a starting point then.
Kijinn 12.12.2018
Thank you for the link. That article wasn't enough to sway me, but I'll do a little more research.
Zuluhn 14.12.2018
So for my personal point of view!
Gardazilkree 22.12.2018
We profit off of what was taken. So we are complicit.
Maukora 29.12.2018
And I'll leave you with this tired of being ripped off
Kajigul 02.01.2019
That was not the question. Read the question, please.
Golmaran 06.01.2019
Anyway, I feel like I've unnecessarily derailed the topic so I won't post anymore on it. A 13 year old can make the decision for herself.


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