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No knock raids aren't a problem? Seriously? Usually that is just reserved for drug dealers, where they storm in like KGB or Gestapo busting through the door like gangbusters. What kind of totalitarian society do you really want to live in? I even find this kind of crap squeamish even used on drug dealers. Let alone grandmothers who think the cops are home invaders and the cops shoot her dead over a small bag of pot.

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Nude girls street fighting
Nude girls street fighting
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Shaktirg 10.06.2018
A God is a deity that has no superior, no one existed before him because that would mean they would be a wiser being. That is God. I didn't redefine it. A being that precedes all created matter in the universe ... doesn't have a superior.
Arashirg 18.06.2018
Happy too help...
Kigagore 27.06.2018
I saw a T-shirt that had a picture of a cartoon 10 ton block with 5 little pairs of legs sticking out.
Kajiktilar 07.07.2018
Can you give one example of a clear piece of misinformation?
Vikus 12.07.2018
David Brin wrote six books called The Uplift Series. In short, humans. . .through genetic manipulation. . .made all kinds of critters sentient. That's actually how most of the sentience in the universe seemed to work. What the uplifted neo-Dolphins brought to space travel (and warfare) was quite interesting to contemplate. Many species maintained that it was unlikely to happen any other way.
Vujar 14.07.2018
Something like that.... As I said tooooooooo ! ! Sexy.?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Wrong Image. ?? ??
Yolar 17.07.2018
Yes, of course. It's the fault of the law and the cops that enforce it that makes people criminals. It has nothing to do with the illegal actions of the criminals themselves.
Niktilar 19.07.2018
Yes. Any party that even hints at cutting SS and Medicare, might as well encourage its members to commit mass suicide.
Akizshura 24.07.2018
Yeah, they're old...
Daigrel 03.08.2018
LOL! Ah well at least you got it changed.
Nira 11.08.2018
True. Just in my opinion, there should be some restrictions of getting a gun. It shouldn't be as easy as now
Shakahn 16.08.2018
A civilised position from Wormwood. However, this does not take account of false gods,
JoJokora 17.08.2018
Neither is Florida. The south is North of here.
Togar 19.08.2018
There is linguistic evidence that Koran was translated from the original Aramaic text. Muhammad was illiterate. Presumably he was assisted by aramaic-speaking local Christians.
Goltizragore 27.08.2018
And abortion is a person taking accountability for their actions. That you don't happen to like the way in which they do so does not mean they don't accept responsibility for that action. It is a legal medical procedure which they have made the informed, adult decision to have. Whether or not it is selfish is irrelevant; everything we do is selfish. Every. Single. Thing.
Mejind 29.08.2018
Why aren't blacks who kill whites because they're white charged with hate crimes?
Gajar 02.09.2018
"do the DNA sequences of Camels, Horses and Deer closely match so you have a reason to assume relatedness therefore divergence?" - How close is "closely"? I'm sure you already have objections to the high percentages that exist between humans and primates and even cats....
Tumuro 09.09.2018
The Revolution will not be televised.
Maurisar 16.09.2018
Some do. Some do not.
Misida 25.09.2018
I know enough.
Moogunos 29.09.2018
And how much time have YOU spent with him behind closed doors? Sounds kinky to me.
Gardakinos 05.10.2018
"leftist loser"? You sound toxic, Mae.
Maumuro 06.10.2018
Many can't recover from suffering and abuse like that. Some break.
Daigrel 15.10.2018
That's what's up. Glad you're feeling better!
Kigal 25.10.2018
I think I agreed with you.
Vujinn 02.11.2018
So you are saying that everything that is considered moral today will never be considered immoral and that nothing that is considered immoral today was ever considered moral? or do you just redefine the word as progress is made in society? Morality is not math. 1 + 1 = 2 is true. It was true 10,000 years ago and it will be true 10,000 years from now. Morals are more like fashion. they change with the times and are different in different cultures. Not to say that you cannot determine a right act from a wrong definitively as long as you can agree on the goal. If the goal is to better society and make as many peoples lives more comfortable then you can use that to say "this action is good" or "this is bad"
Jukus 03.11.2018
Did I? Hypotheticals don?t interest me. Let?s deal with facts. A mother loves her child no matter what...that?s just the way we?re programmed. Science and logic proves that babies are neither gay in the womb nor when they are born. To continue to preach these lies, even hypothetically, is to lead people astray whether deliberately or through ignorance of the facts. We need to wake up and look at what is happening in the world. Slowly but surely people have been conditioned to see abortion as acceptable because they say it?s not really a baby yet...wrong! (Many women have posted pictures of miscarried babies to prove this point). Catholics will always choose life over death. Many of us are sick and tired of this culture of death. Abortion is murder, pure and simple, just as euthanasia is murder. Everyone screams for their rights but they reject the obligations that follow. Children are a blessing, not a curse. The women who abort, in many cases, sooner or later, have to deal with the physical damage and psychological damage this does. The abortionists don?t care... to say there is a lack of respect for human life is perhaps an understatement since one Utah abortionist actually boasted about how she cuts the babies throats to make sure they don?t scream. This is the sort of thing that we?re dealing with...pure evil!
Vudokazahn 04.11.2018
Can you logically deny my ?epistemology?? That?s the problem, reason and logic prevail. You can?t have your cake and eat it too. An Atheist, a Catholic, and a Protestants can?t all be ?right?. Only ONE can be true based on pure deduction.
Faelrajas 13.11.2018
You are welcome to do so- is the currently accepted position not that the universe had a beginning?
Sarg 15.11.2018
So you don't admit to what is patently your second mistake. You sound like a two-bit fraud in any decade, century or millennium.
Zolorn 19.11.2018
Inventing chemical, biological, nuclear weapons, and other methods of destruction. Marxism, Communism, Fascism....


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