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One would think that if ANYONE were arrogant enough to begin to think they can change what's happening, they would have to be certifiable! lol

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Mikazuru 01.06.2018
Crocodile is a subfamily, not a species.
Zolorg 05.06.2018
Ah right. So nothing to do with a god at all.
Tygolmaran 14.06.2018
Except they do not have evidence.
Yora 21.06.2018
Often, depending upon who has been blocked by one person or another, not all can be seen by everyone else. One comment from me, and I am immediately inundated with leftist idiocy by as many as a dozen posts. To even read them all takes a great amount of time, and replying consumes more. Apparently, often they do not even bother to read previous comments, and this necessitates multiple similar explanations.
Grojind 23.06.2018
There is a difference in the stage of development, but we are always more comfortable with what we know than what we don't know. It is easier to impugn evil motives to those you don't know that to your rather mundane and slightly overweight neighbor who seems so much like you.
Gudal 29.06.2018
Honestly, I have no idea.
Kebar 09.07.2018
Regardless of how you want to define ?god?, the fact remains that the overwhelming majority of the population purports to believe in a deity. If anyone has numbers that show that people identified as atheists have a higher body count then the other 80 or 90% of the world?s population I?d like to see them.
Kajiran 11.07.2018
In one you're glad I get a definition right, and here, you want me to "forget all the terminology."
Yozshujas 21.07.2018
Forget it ! Fanatical theists like these ones don't even WANT to put their nose in a science book ---it would put their delusional dogmas in danger of being debunked ! !
Shaktilkis 23.07.2018
Did you steal this meme from Tex? lololol
Arakazahn 28.07.2018
Where do you get this term "prototype copies"? The earliest NT papyrus fragments come from the 2nd century. And it doesn't make a difference how many manuscripts were made later. The ones most relevant for determining the date are the earliest. If I said "80% of the copies of the Declaration of Independence come from 1950 or later," that wouldn't say a thing about when it was written.
Kezuru 07.08.2018
Wherever you can find the classics in high end, buy it up. Just don't do that for trendy crap.
Zugis 16.08.2018
I think Mr Smith said to Mrs Smith that you were hot, and now Mrs Smith is jealous and is trying to drive you away from her man!
Akinonris 24.08.2018
Yes, my mom would have stopped me at the door.
Meztit 31.08.2018
(sigh) Your first comment. "Do you believe in charity?" is not "obvious" in its intent, at least not to me.


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