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"Wah! I hate freedom of the press!"

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Male anal butt plug sleep
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Nanris 17.06.2018
Funny thing I follow weather.
Vigal 23.06.2018
Then Jesus was nuts.
Bashura 25.06.2018
Unfortunately, not so much in practice. Right now, in the US, supposed Christians are in the forefront in the fight to restrict refugees, and to rip children away from their parents. Actions speak louder than words.
Gajin 28.06.2018
If God is. You better find out, right?
Vukora 09.07.2018
"WHAT?!!! Agreement among Christians is not what brings salvation "
Voodoojar 16.07.2018
I hate when my baby has a birthday or graduates 8th grade??????
Vodal 20.07.2018
Are the farmers welling to drop the use of hormones and antibiotics?
Vutaxe 26.07.2018
It's nothing but a bunch of campaign promises. No costing, no details, no details of how and when they will be implemented.
Malasar 04.08.2018
choosing which turd was better, lol. tory and miller are both piles of crap, pretty sure you would have to flip a coin.
Goltisho 08.08.2018
What is this "come on, man?"
Mezijora 19.08.2018
Yessssss! A third man has told me to read it. I read it in 3rd grade like everyone else!!! Good lord...
Zolomi 23.08.2018
Unfortunately for you, you dont get to tell grown men and women what God to worship and how. You must learn to deal with the reality that "were here! and were absolutely fabulous!"
Mele 27.08.2018
No, there is no test. Period. You can believe in the Christian God and identify as a Christian. Which they did. Sorry if that bothers you.
Kagagis 31.08.2018
It still remains today, but it can't be enforced today.
Megul 10.09.2018
I have a friend who's creepy boyfriend was very interested if she'd taken her Ambien. I guess she was less inhibited or something.
Tat 18.09.2018
High school and they are waiting at the bus stop!
Faejinn 20.09.2018
Ah. no the Plan did not fail, the universe & man arestill here.
Daim 29.09.2018
'Ivanka's obvious hypocrisy is fair game.' The real hypocrisy is failure to recognize sneaking across the border, with your kids no less, is illegal and there are consequences. Let's not forget this has been going on long before Trump became president.
Yozshudal 06.10.2018
Indeed. I believe it to be murder (of a sort). Abortion is a premediated taking of the life of a human by another human.
Ket 12.10.2018
Second day in a row I woke up before my alarm. What?s that about?
Mauramar 21.10.2018
"Evolution claws its way forward in blind, fumbling responses to whatever happens to be around."
Vihn 29.10.2018
Did you try going on a drunken bender shortly after getting out? Or have you been well behaved? (sorry... reading this I'm worried it's going to seem patronizing: that's not my intent. My mormon cousins drive me batty. I'm always happy when someone gets out. Read giddiness on your behalf... not patronizing... please.)
Minos 05.11.2018
Sure, that'd be better, though I assume a 'sailor man' has access to good seafood as well. I mean, we don't want the congregation hulking out in a confined space. Why not some nice lobster? Save the spinach for saving terrified pencil thin women from enormous men with terrible names.
Dasho 13.11.2018
Really? Now remember, the latest price drop was in late 2014. Illustrated by this chart.
Mazubar 18.11.2018
Why aren't their parents taking them to church if that is what them want them to believe? Let's also make sure we have an evolutionary biology class that is taught along side all of the Sunday school classes...


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