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Harassment Makf common, as was being the butt of jokes. Are you angry?" I said, "No, I'm fine.

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He died by mob rule. Not exactly something somebody prescribed.

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Volmaran 21.05.2018
Save the world from what?
Gasho 28.05.2018
but I like newcomers to come here and ask how do I questions..
Virn 31.05.2018
WHAT WAS this hypocrisy you lying GARBAGE were saying about "CHILDREN"?
Kell 05.06.2018
true... we were even the very last state to ratify Santa Clause.
Arashibar 09.06.2018
I don't think you know what the word Capitalism means. Have you read Das Kapital? Avoid using terms the meaning of which is beyond your education scope.
Daicage 12.06.2018
So God did not give His son. God took a beating for the purpose of changing His own Mind.
Vorr 13.06.2018
Er... are you sure you are answering the right thread?
Zukazahn 22.06.2018
I am a hedonist and proud of it. I seek joy every day through many ways, not the least of which is being nice to people and making them laugh.
Karg 02.07.2018
But Jesus is coming very soon, just like he has been for 2,000 years. Christians must be the most intellectually challenged people on earth.
Sataur 09.07.2018
LOL. I have. I have a universal rule that stands for everyone including mods. I will accept disagreeing opinions and I understand arguments occasionally happen. But if I encounter any harassment, the person gets three warnings after that they are blocked. I don't tell them about the warnings or that I blocked them.
Gutaur 14.07.2018
Um, don't see a mention of religion/belief in God included in that study. But don't worry, here' some info for you:
Dairn 22.07.2018
She has to prove she's truthing . And since it's already been proven she's lying here from other posters...
Zunos 30.07.2018
I've never not been ok with it. It's called consequences. The only people who try to avoid them are those who worship the ultimate consequence ducker, Trump.
Vudokazahn 08.08.2018
Just think of it this way; buy stock in home improvement stores. Ladder sales are going to go through the roof!!
Ninos 13.08.2018
Have you ever posted an article here?
Nitaxe 21.08.2018
You made a false claim about the ACA creating $10T in debt. The fact that such ludicrous numbers came out of your pie hole is, frankly, not a surprise. You cleary don't have a good grasp of math.
Tukora 28.08.2018
The most die-hard fundamentalists I know would not disagree with the statement that Paul made Christianity what it is. The question is, what raw materials was he working with? Tabor's quote acknowledges a historical Jesus, and in fact, Tabor believes he has found the tomb of Jesus.
Duzahn 05.09.2018
It's at least partially media's fault. Media convinced these Leftards that the whole country supports their nutty, hate-based behavior. Libtards think they represent the majority of Americans, when in reality they're a tiny minority that most people have no sympathy for.
Nera 08.09.2018
Who knew budgets could be so hard?
Fauhn 17.09.2018
Zero is still zero.
Tygorisar 26.09.2018
Because women are weak.
Yozshujin 27.09.2018
Insanity huh? Jesus is now white.....I mean come on. Johan Abrahams has some really strange ideology.
Kazranos 06.10.2018
Guess I'll have to get creative and find other ways to keep you up all night.
Kagagor 15.10.2018
You're a hero!
Fenritaxe 24.10.2018
Almost a perfect night. libs lost, Wynne resigns as party leader, and libs (so far) have no party status. Would have been perfect had Wynne lost her seat.
Fetaxe 27.10.2018
The cause doesn't matter - the point is the 'pause' was statistical garbage.
Sar 06.11.2018
That was interesting. A waste of time, but interesting.
Jugar 08.11.2018
I interpret it as a manifestation of the complacent and alienated view that ignores Social Responsibility and Sustainaibility issues and buys into the pop entertainment culture.
Faekinos 14.11.2018
Not the opinion, but the individual should be respected.


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