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So agnosticism is an acknowledged lack of faith. Atheism is acknowledging that faith is necessary and sufficient, relevant to the concept, but rationally immaterial.

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Akinonos 23.04.2018
I just realized that when I say "20 years and 100 lbs ago" I was referring to the 90's
Maugrel 01.05.2018
LSD and opium and heroin were "pathetic"? Really?
Turisar 10.05.2018
That means it?s subjective.
Fenrigore 17.05.2018
Looks like 64.
Kikus 20.05.2018
First trimester embryos tend not to pass through birth canals outside of a miscarriage. That?s all that?s needed to be said.
Nizil 25.05.2018
fine, Vik Ingn!
Kazigal 29.05.2018
You should work with Stephen Miller...you two are equally immoral and dimwitted.
Faesida 01.06.2018
It is now... foooo evvvvvv ahhhhhh
Nikoshicage 03.06.2018
Not even a majority of people who voted for president, and certainly far fewer than the majority who disapprove of his presidency according to almost every single poll ever taken.
Mezijas 09.06.2018
Maybe not the Jose Cuervo *this* early.
Faujind 14.06.2018
There is plenty to debate about both.
Gaktilar 21.06.2018
There is no way for the government to fund religion except through religious sects. They are the same thing.
Tabar 28.06.2018
What does this have to do with atheism?
Nazragore 01.07.2018
Really ? Name them
Akikus 06.07.2018
What does ethnicity have to do with race?
Arashizuru 07.07.2018
Yea, people in different geographical locations can't change their mind!
Kazragis 12.07.2018
This is how stupid things have gotten. A person that claims to be liberal is so offended by someone saying "women's lingerie" What is she a cloistered nun? The idea of a man saying lingerie is so offensive? Really? If he said men's underwear would that still be sexual harassment? If a woman said something about lingerie would that be sexual harrassment too? She must get triggered hundreds of time a day.
Arashilkis 14.07.2018
Same guy that wore the periodic table tie :)
Tokazahn 25.07.2018
I mean it has gotten ridiculous. I like to consider myself decent and I can't tell you how many times I have been called by well meaning people about nothingburgers
Felkis 28.07.2018
Where is that in the O.T.?
Akinoshura 03.08.2018
Please, Doug doesn't have near the likability factor that Rob had. Doug is relying on not being Wynne.
Nashura 13.08.2018
"I'm pretty sure all those long gone empires free of religion......"
Kazrajas 19.08.2018
Aye have knowledge of Jesus by the HOLY SPIRIT and that gives me access to all knowledge that I need forever!!! :) LOL!!!
Tajora 29.08.2018
The most hardcore of racists claim that being a slave was better than not being a slave.
Shakam 05.09.2018
Except Lord of the Rings was actually a good story.
Kajikinos 08.09.2018
I guess to some, attempting to invalidate the "competition" somehow validates your own claim, despite not introducing any new evidence to support your own claims.
Tauhn 16.09.2018
Again. a person has no power to stop anything. A prayer is just to help bring the spirit of God into action. The prayers of the righteous avails much. No where does it say that it is the solution - it is the comfort it provides that is healing.
Nagis 21.09.2018
Some people round here think it's extraordinarily persuasive.
Domi 30.09.2018
There are millions of frozen embryos that are just getting freezer burn and will never be implanted. Are they people? What do we do with them when no one wants them? If I froze five embryos and only need two, will someone force me to carry the other three?
Shajind 02.10.2018
You and your 10 friends hardly define the norm, when there are about 260 million Christians in this country.
Gardak 03.10.2018
Because you don't account for the curse of God that is on all of creation because of man's fall. We were in charge, we were responsible, we messed it up. God gave us a way out afterward and many pass it by without a second thought.......It's sad.


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