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Ok, Shawsy, not gonna argue with you about it, I witnessed it through US friends when Obama was in power years ago, and everyone was saying the same thing. Shocked and disgusted then, and now.

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Lady Barbara Legsworld Nylon
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Mezragore 16.08.2018
Why doesn't he tag along and stay nearby, just in case?
Akilrajas 19.08.2018
That is a lotta pus...... ummm Feline. heh.
Dogar 28.08.2018
"But yeah, this is pretty revealing that the "Pro Life" movement isn't about life, it's about seeing sex before marriage as bad"
Zurn 01.09.2018
Your red neck logic makes no sense
Kiran 09.09.2018
He must be irritated of this
Nashura 14.09.2018
Or when someone who doesn't look like them accuses someone who looks like them.


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