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There is nothing to be gained by the 9 states by receiving demented politicians, educators and appointees from California. Hopefully more states will join the lucky ?9?.

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Mell 19.07.2018
censorship: the practice of censoring. Censoring: to examine in order to suppress (see suppress 2) or delete anything considered objectionable censor the news; also : to suppress or delete as objectionable censor out indecent passages.
Najinn 23.07.2018
One might argue that the wearing of burkas shows intolerance towards others, the ones unworthy of seeing the wearer's face.
Vudole 30.07.2018
You should never utter the words "I think" again, seriously. TDS done made you stupid, boy.
Gardazragore 02.08.2018
Is that their focus? Are they warning the people of the world that Jesus' return is near? Are they teaching according to scripture?
Vonris 11.08.2018
"They really didn't"
Mogis 15.08.2018
I'm very particular about what political channel's I venture into... While up until a year ago I was a fairly left leaning guy... since I've moved more center-right (or rather, the left has pushed farther left than I care to) I find myself not having a "home" so to say, especially being a black man. The far right channels have too many posters that are hung up on old racial prejudices, while the left-leaning channels are quick to be just as racist towards a black guy that dares to think independently and question the popular narrative... I stick with some of the more "centered" channels, but they are few and far between.
Moogunris 22.08.2018
From Taxi Driver: "...You talking to me?"
Karg 30.08.2018
Thank you for pointing out what is obvious to any raional thinking person.
Samuzshura 08.09.2018
No, not people bell ends.
Akigor 17.09.2018
Well, if you care that much about the foreskins of little boys, go ahead and sue the Government in stead of typing words on a forum.
Kazrashicage 22.09.2018
you do know that the Tangerine Turd's Tweets are official government documents, right?
Gardataur 27.09.2018
Yeah, it is. Its pretty sad actually...
Juzragore 04.10.2018
The Pope is okay with anal as long as it's part of foreplay? LOL
Kigalkree 08.10.2018
All nations rise and fall. Don't need a book of Jewish fairy tales to tell me that.
Vonos 10.10.2018
I wasn't practicing.


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