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How media affects teen violence

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You are not engaging in an interesting conversation. I expect someone to "think" and "engage" their minds to "know" the type of society they live in and how different aspects are currently affecting it. If you are unable to do this, move on. If you do not know how algebra affects your life, open your eyes and live life. Drive a car....

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How media affects teen violence
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Nilar 07.05.2018
I hear what your saying, and, foremost, appreciate your conversational quality and respect in dialogue. "The wisdom from above is ...peaceable."
JoJokinos 15.05.2018
ps eating kosher foods doesn?t define who I am. If I eat a bacon sandwich, I?ll still be who I was before I ate it.
Zulkiktilar 19.05.2018
"That's not what the scripture says... it only says "disobedient", not whether he's a murderer. You're dodging."
Fekinos 20.05.2018
Yup, because TUS NEVER does that.
Sajas 22.05.2018
Nooo, lmao come back to the dumpster fire.
Kegami 30.05.2018
Is it wrong that I love Mad Melli? <3
Voodoomuro 03.06.2018
The Bible is an astonishing collection of weirdness and some of it will make you quite sick.
Meztit 07.06.2018
I had a peek and a chat with Frink.
Kagarn 14.06.2018
BS. Find the text in the bible calling Christians to wipe out their fellow man. Its not there. Now...find the text against it, check its,there. Love your enemies.
Zololl 21.06.2018
...and of course - state sponsored militant atheism Soviet Union style
Arashikazahn 26.06.2018
Yep, entitled parents lead to entitled kids. I think the only thing that should be argued at that point is ensuring all the kids get enough playing time. Yep I agree with only giving one or two awards on the team itself.
Vobei 29.06.2018
Listen little lady. your brain is deep fried from racism. Your claim that Obama was not a citizen, defies all logic. First he was born In Hawaii, has a birth certificate to prove it. Then all the brain fried Republican white racist, including Trump, said the certificate showed alterations. Not true, of course. Trump who is known to lie about everything, claims he sent a crew to Hawaii to do research on the certificate. That is the dumbest thing ever. What records did they search for? None, because it didn't happen. Now here's the biggie. Even if he had be born abroad, his mother is a US citizen and a child born abroad to a US citizen is also a US citizen at birth. Its called derivative citizenship. But of course racism wasn't behind it, because well, Donald Trump doesn't trust the FBI to do a good background search on a black man running for president. Nor would the Supreme Court who swore him in. Racism damages one's mind beyond repair. And a mind is a terrible thing to waste.
Fetilar 08.07.2018
So God is going to make Egypt start speaking a dead language? And he's going to do all kinds of other things? Wouldn't that violate our free will? Like the whole Israel coming back then, if that was his doing, then we have no free will because he was controlling people. If it was a prophecy of something that would come to pass because he knew the future, then you have the other issue.
Digor 09.07.2018
You need to just let it happen, though. He didn't actually rape anyone yet. Thinking about it isn't a crime, Yvonne. ??
Sasar 19.07.2018
How do you know? There are those who claim 100% certainty of the existence of a god out of alleged personal experience. A religious order is not necessary.


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