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Hot tight latin ass
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Yogami 30.05.2018
Nope. I am not "Molesting" you. But I am touching you.
Nikora 06.06.2018
Ooohhh. Finally cracked over one laugh
Zulutaxe 07.06.2018
lmao, no translation can EVER be 100% accurate
Faektilar 14.06.2018
And you produce nonsense.
Shakazuru 17.06.2018
You appear to be an expert on the subject.
Samuzragore 27.06.2018
I could afford 2 years if I was younger. But 1 year sounds about right. :)
Makus 28.06.2018
Perhaps you don't understand the science.
Vudot 08.07.2018
Who are you.... the opinion police?
Gardajind 09.07.2018
The facts do support evolution, the facts don't support creation. We are seeing many of the religious finally accepting this as a reality, so now they are creatively changing the bullshit to fit the facts.
JoJolrajas 10.07.2018
If you didn't appeal to authority with that, then you just referred to it for no reason relevant to what is going on here. that is even more laughable.
Malale 16.07.2018
Smiley posts the OP then wants to control the narrative.
Vudozuru 26.07.2018
Yup. We were Procedure Twinsies today. ??
Grojas 01.08.2018
Do us all a favour and put your pants back on!
Kimi 09.08.2018
Microaggression just basically means anyone saying anything you don't like whether it is said directly to you or in your presence. It's ridiculous. A lot of people say they believe in civil rights until those rights extend to someone they don't like or who they disagree with. Then they want to silence that person by using censorship words like "hate speech" and "microaggressions"
Faejin 11.08.2018
The point is that that 95 million has gone UP since.
Vibei 17.08.2018
But yeah , I have a vague recollection of what you refer to.
Majin 21.08.2018
Over the past two thousand years, especially over the past 400, Christians have been teaching the golden rule and other messages of love to maybe a billion people, as the dominate religion of western culture. Who else was teaching that message? Show me some proof the Egyptians were teaching that, or the Persians, Romans. Any evidence that atheists were teaching that through history? And by "teaching" I do not mean some obscure writing that nobody was reading or had access to. Do you appreciate Christians for teaching the golden rule to like a billion people including undoubtedly your own ancestors?
Samukus 25.08.2018
...human mating dance... I'm doing it wrong...
Kilar 31.08.2018
There was a NOTA candidate running in our riding. NOTA - None of the Above.
Samujar 04.09.2018
If you'll accept the definition of condone being "fails to condemn, and gives rules to regulate" the bible condones slavery.


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