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Because it has nothing to do with the topic of the channel. After all, it is not called "Religion Supporters", is it?

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Faugrel 31.07.2018
I'm probably stereotyping here but maybe it has to do with the affluence in your community. I mean there are rich catholics but Catholicism is more prevalent mongst poorer developing nations.
Fejas 01.08.2018
You seemed like you had questions. If you hate being given answers to them, that's fine. I don't realise relevant answers only counted if were original research.
Mejinn 07.08.2018
You should have stopped after "I don't think".
JoJojas 12.08.2018
>>"why you feel you are morally superior to theists nor addresses why you should believe that invisible beings can't be communicated with."<<
Goshakar 20.08.2018
So beautiful! What a lovely story and such good people, all around. What an honor. Thank you for sharing!
Kejin 25.08.2018
if i had the choice betwen scalp wounds,, or dyck wounds,, id take the dyck wounds..
Shakagal 31.08.2018
Because straight sex is oppressive, misogynistic, and can lead to women being forced to live out their biology by giving birth. We can't have that shit, now can we! ;-)
Zolosida 06.09.2018
I can just imagine them flocking around my face.
Moogunos 13.09.2018
not until all come clean with what they know, it'll go on!!!
Mam 22.09.2018
Wouldn?t it be that without god you have no need of saving? Carry on.


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