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Give yourself over to absolute pleasure

Morning fuck is like a workout

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Morning fuck is like a workout

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Jesus answered, ?I am the way and the truth and the life."

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Give yourself over to absolute pleasure
Give yourself over to absolute pleasure
Give yourself over to absolute pleasure
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Vikazahn 22.04.2018
Polls on the US are entirely irrelevant when talking about Europe.
Zusho 27.04.2018
I like to think of it this way; he will have an awesome story to tell his future Uber passengers. LOL
Togami 02.05.2018
Slavery - Christians were the ones to spearhead getting rid of
Fekazahn 03.05.2018
Maybe they were reacting to the way that you looked at them.
Murisar 05.05.2018
1) "Constructing a myth", also known as religion, isn't a good idea under any circumstances. A civilization built on lies, what could go wrong?
Akinorn 08.05.2018
1) The bible doesn't state that God is "okay" with Lot's offering of his daughters.
Brar 10.05.2018
i consider the board and executives of planned parenthood to be idiots that got what they deserved for being bad business people but i am not for making abortion illegal.
Brataur 12.05.2018
Its the pic from the article. Whats your problem?
Kajilar 14.05.2018
I am simply talking about the etymology.
Malazshura 19.05.2018
So Trump today stated that he wants to tax Harley Davidson like they have never seen before because they are going to outsource some of their business just like Trump does? That sounds like respecting the rights of others.
Dijora 24.05.2018
I think there are some correct historical facts in it, yes. It's the religious claims that cannot be supported
Taurr 29.05.2018
Oh the word shemesh is added to it is it???? It?s just Keren right?
Faelar 05.06.2018
No, you said, "April was the coldest since 1895." It was not.
Akinonos 06.06.2018
Well, I meant older (than 20's). I don't know anything.
Gardatilar 13.06.2018
ummmm Using the Bible and Christianity as a means to get rich? Yeah, it's something Jesus would do, right? (sarc)
Gazilkree 22.06.2018
I muste saye that I lyketh the werk thou hast wrought. My cuppe runneth o'er!
Zulkikazahn 24.06.2018
Wow, getting some great answers here. I wish I'd have put out the OP. :)
JoJokus 28.06.2018
It is an insult. It explicitly says that being an atheist make a one an idiot.
Gujind 02.07.2018
Haha you want me to explain how religion gives hope in death without using religious ideas? If you say it can be done then why don?t you explain how without having to ask me to answer questions for you?
Brajar 03.07.2018
Sooooo funking true my friend, so true. Problem is Rightists are so daily duped they can be sold watered down shit as chocolate pudding
Kat 10.07.2018
What kind of a question is that??
JoJohn 19.07.2018
Yes. Thats true. I didnt say ALL LGBTQ, I specified a subgroup based on their totalitarian ideology and they are often titled "militant" for a reason. Go read that again .
Kagazilkree 30.07.2018
Humor is a subjective thing.
Gashakar 08.08.2018
same here, I had a temp actually email a picture of her web site and it shows her smoking a huge blunt.......which is fine outside of work but she emailed during work, on company time, using company equipment
Vigrel 10.08.2018
Yes, and the reaction has been pretty mighty. There's a Dem from Alabama in the Senate right now. Dems have flipped 40 seats since he was elected. Now add to that felony charges. And this is the mid-term elections - there's no Clinton boogeyman to put up opposite him - it's all about whether you want the criminal to escape justice, or be flogged in the public square.
Batilar 16.08.2018
Aaannd I segued into explaining that the cuts and mis management that fell under the Wynee govt will be nothing compared to Ford the $hitshow as I further detailed.
Mezill 25.08.2018
Our scientific efforts have not been exerted on proving that cancer exists, that is not the scientific exercise, we have known that cancer exists for thousands of years or since dead people were first cut up and inspected. What we do not know is if there is a "cure" for cancer that exists. After thousands of unsuccessful experimental trials, should we conclude that a "cure" does not exist, that these failures prove no cure exists?
Kazigis 29.08.2018
Lol. Yeah, kinda makes a statement. we as a non religious household love Christmas. It is what it is and a greta time to be with family. To each his own and F the PCers who think it's offensive. I have tons of Muslim clinets and the only people offended by Merry Christmas are a certain kind of lefty. Not that I'm right. I just don't like be told what to do or think.
Malataxe 03.09.2018
The "research" you did could have related to your post a lot better. Still waiting to find out what Pew and Gallup studies on United States religious trends have to do with European religious trends.
Kigataur 11.09.2018
we're stuck with their bad choices, unfortunately. It's a shameful period, but im hopeful for the future.
Grojin 14.09.2018
That's not the scientific definition of a species. We consider lions and tigers separate species. We consider wolves and dogs separate species.
Gut 19.09.2018
Without being able to get to where it?s sitting.


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