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You drank everything, you little whore!!" "Yes.

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She's cute and blonde - and female... of course we won't charge her as an adult. Actually, I don't think any 13 y/o should be charged as an adult. Otherwise, why even have separate juvenile and adult courts? A 17 y/o - okay... but a 13 y/o, no way.

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Akitilar 01.08.2018
Unfortunately it looks like we've stumbled into another of their Trump Derangement Syndrome group therapy sessions.
Kabei 08.08.2018
Yep. You should not. But I am here and I am not a myth.
Darn 15.08.2018
Even centuries before the time of Christ it was widely known that the world was spherical. A Greek, Erasthemus, I think, experimentally determined the radius in the 4th Century, BC (and got within 1% of the actual value!) and the Romans referred to the earth as ?terra orbis?, ?land of a sphere.?
Bagul 25.08.2018
I second this XD
Mauzshura 30.08.2018
IDK, without the empire support, I don't think it would have ever reached its power level we see even a few hundred years later. It would be just another religion and would not have stomped out the "heretical" versions
Juzilkree 09.09.2018
I don't need a Nobel
Dijas 17.09.2018
They might look nice, but have you actually tried to have conversation with them?
Golkis 18.09.2018
The constitution doesn't mention the type of weapon because it could be a sword or a gun, one or the other "The right to bare arms".
Tazil 20.09.2018
It's obvious you have a "thing" with belittle. There would be no other reason for you to have a screenshot of any of his posts.
JoJole 23.09.2018
Are there people who remember being in the womb?
Kell 25.09.2018
so far the Libs are down 45 seats and the PC have gained 45 seats.
Zulunris 29.09.2018
Victims should be considered '2nd Amendment Martyrs'
Yozshurn 02.10.2018
Most people associate a police presence with a high crime rate. I'd say it's highly relevant.
Vilkree 08.10.2018
Exactly, Manafort is a well compensated peon and Trump is just a pee on. There are others waiting in line to replace them.
Tokora 18.10.2018
Your applying your own context.
Aragore 26.10.2018
Not to be too harsh: but trans-people can work just fine. There's no need to keep them at home. Send 'em out to the bush to hunt or gather.
Tusida 28.10.2018
Actually, it's absolute truth. Do you believe I can flap my arms like a bird and fly around the Empire State Building? If not, just will yourself to believe it. Believe it now? See?
Zulkimuro 31.10.2018
That pungent aroma of dead possum, belongs to SiiRobertson's bedbug-infested snatch.
Vikora 06.11.2018
I get some great fruits and nuts from California at my local grocers. Did you get my answers to your questions?
Mohn 10.11.2018
And you afford one by working correct?
Volmaran 12.11.2018
Do you reply in order to draw people away from religion? I do not understand why an atheist would bother to attend a forum such as these. Maybe you'll have an decent explanation?
Shajin 17.11.2018
You are too kind Sir! I blush. ??
Maur 19.11.2018
This must be an American issue, one which I will never understand. Fear and guns seems like a dangerous combination, but hey...you do you.


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