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We all do as we are compelled no matter what we believe about free will. We are compelled by the conditioning of the mind on the basis of impressions of past experience.

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Maulrajas 04.07.2018
Wow. I mean, it makes sense, right? And it's still a respectful *burial*. I imagine that it's not legal in Italy because of RCC opposition.
Brale 10.07.2018
I agree with everything you?re saying
Maulkis 17.07.2018
Contradiction adds no useful information.
Kazracage 19.07.2018
God does not force what is right. That is not Love. The earth and all of us suffer the consequences of not wanting God to be our Father. We want to be gods ourselves. And God allows that to be so.
Mobar 24.07.2018
Obviously my point was they're both perfectly legitimate under our system.
Shakami 26.07.2018
At ?30,000,000 for the day when Brits cannot get caner drugs and sit in A&E for hours - it could be far better used.
Bataxe 05.08.2018
The thesis of divine intervention is difficult to work with. Testing energy interventions, of TBD nature, is far more tractable. It mostly decouples the subject from a specific religion.
Fekus 07.08.2018
There was a
Gukazahn 14.08.2018
I'm afraid your wife was right. Presuming that you wouldn't know how to comport yourself with the proper etiquette just because you're caucasian is prejudice. Just because you were able to demonstrate to him that his prejudice were unfounded doesn't make it not prejudice. (The word 'prejudice' translates as 'pre-judge', BTW and that's exactly what that man did).
Yozshulabar 19.08.2018
Yes, you say heretics. But they use the word of God as well as you lot do.
Mazucage 29.08.2018
Sorry for being a pedant, lol
Jular 30.08.2018
There was no Exodus.
Nikokora 06.09.2018
Until those religious beliefs influence National domestic and foreign policies. Like, for instance it has in those countries that have made elective abortion a crime, or (like Saudi Arabia) they make points of view (like Atheism) a crime if expressed at all.
Braktilar 14.09.2018
Someone named Butt Stallion crying about insults. Thats rich!
Salar 24.09.2018
38 religions is not a farce? Really? I am a life time atheist. Religions are all appalling.
Yozshulabar 03.10.2018
Because that doesn't fit the narrative he's trying to create. And his base isn't about to learn anything they aren't fed.
Kisar 07.10.2018
No sir..I see Jesus as simply a teacher. I do not believe in the virgin birth as it is told. Not to say there couldn't be one.
Malkree 13.10.2018
It is correct (you even implied such) and I never limited their use to restriction of trade although that has been their primary usage for quite some time.
Mikale 14.10.2018
I don't see a problem if its a legitimate medical issue preformed by medical experts.
Fenrikus 19.10.2018
I can't wait for that day to happen to me.
Gorn 20.10.2018
No, not really.
Shaktizuru 22.10.2018
What is the purpose of taxation? Is it to penalize the "rich" or to generate tax revenue dollars? Going by your typical "progressive" response, it's largely for punitive measures. When the top 10% pay over 70% of the taxes, it's hard to argue that they don't pay "their fair share." Funny that the bottom 40% that pays a negative tax rate, according to these same "progressive" are "overtaxed."


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