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Lovely Lady Exposed the Secret of Bollywood

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You know why I don't buy the "Don't eat pork for health reasons" logic? Chicken. Chicken meat is comparatively filthy. But there's no problem with eating it under Kosher/Halal law. If you can figure out how to cook chicken and not die of food poisoning... then there's nothing wrong with pork in your diet.

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Gay chatten met andere mannen
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Dilkis 29.07.2018
You should go live in the wild side of this world that the best place for you because you'll learn from YOUR MISTAKES, sucker, want a sucker, to suck, disgusting isn't it, to be put yourself open to the world for them to see the warped mind. Thinking I'm living in lalaland. Try it, it might suit your style. never know, what's going to hit you in the head, and they'll all shout WAKE UP, it's time, 10pm your time, uh?
Grogar 30.07.2018
There are many alternatives, in fact. Just exchange "environment" for any other criteria, such as purpose, or strength ( the usual misinterpretation ), or god's plan, or destiny, or place in the natural order, etc. All of these examples were in circulation before Darwin, and some are still believed today.
Dur 08.08.2018
so, if I say everything was created by the FSM, you'd agree?
Tejind 16.08.2018
I dont. If the mother wants the child, and is well along in her pregnancy, why shouldn't it be treated as murder? It's different from abortion, in that in abortion, the mother doesn't want to carry the pregnancy to term in most cases.
Mahn 26.08.2018
Is he a "sovereign citizen"?
Tuhn 05.09.2018
Design life from scratch then. You don't get to start with existing life, since it sucks so much. Let us know what your genius comes up with that's better. Be specific. :)
Goltigis 14.09.2018
It's a good laugh everyday at least.
Vozragore 14.09.2018
I am asking you.
Maujar 22.09.2018
Just because a place is overcrowded, that doesn?t mean population is killing the Earth. And that is the liberal narrative. That we are overpopulated and it?s killing the earth. So for the good of the earth, we should only have 2 kids and all others should be aborted. It?s a sick and twisted game the left plays to control people.
Mugor 23.09.2018
I'd try them before I'd buy them if I were you. They really are a lot of trouble.
Zulutaur 27.09.2018
Just GO to email??? Don?t you you demand me to do anything lolol
Dill 02.10.2018
Just curious if it was a topic that was discussed, it was kinda a big deal historically speaking but sounds like an after thought for believers. I thought perhaps it would be somewhat a point of contention but I can see your point. Outside a few sects and private groups it sounds like it was a non-issue.


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