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Guest Workers, anybody?

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Daibar 19.06.2018
Oh ! my! Googleness ! ! ! ?? ?? ?? ??
Kazik 26.06.2018
Nah you are not getting away with that.
Nikot 04.07.2018
How does one address a banana? What honorific should I use?
Vugis 12.07.2018
Mine was the stereotypical MIL. must skip a generation or two because my wife if wonderful.
Gugore 16.07.2018
I was gonna go with.........SPAM LITE , MILLER HIGH LIFE and Charlie Sheen.
Zulkimuro 26.07.2018
Man that's a lot of butthurt
Shakabar 02.08.2018
A while ago a law was passed requiring all firearms have to be sold with trigger locks or other locking mechanisms. There is no such law about child safety locks. Nor do you have to pass a background check to buy draino.
Juran 11.08.2018
I agree. I don't want to try and force people to take your decision in place of their own and you do. A horrible idea and as you note.. Completely different.
Maukree 14.08.2018
While I don't agree with what he did, by the same logic, how can she abort the baby herself without being charged with murder?
Gazil 25.08.2018
Geeez my bride of 38 years will often point out such people and ask me how it feels to want.
Shakagul 02.09.2018
Don't forget Atlantis.
Disar 04.09.2018
But most people aren't uncomfortable addressing these questions. Atheist or otherwise.
Zulkimi 10.09.2018
Oh really? Maybe you ought to pay more attention then. It seems YOU got a hair across your butt to only recognize what Muslims are doing and not looking at what Christians are doing. Do you have a bias there you need to investigate? Because everything I have spoken of, is fact, truth and in the news if you care to investigate it.
Meztile 14.09.2018
You didn't answer the question. Targeting is specific and his actions were general. If his goal was to kill Christians a church would have provided a far more favorable venue.
Arashijind 18.09.2018
Except it appears that she is one of the stupid leftist who believes in the stupid leftist BS. She, along with other protesters followed the Sanders party to another restaurant across the street and continued to protest them.
JoJozragore 19.09.2018
"Texts written by men long after the time in which those to whom they are merely attributed is not evidence of anything but duplicity and dishonesty."
Nagul 25.09.2018
You read it wrong!
Grom 28.09.2018
I like the implication that if Europeans had been more pious, there wouldn't be a mass migration from the middle east and Africa.
Brarg 08.10.2018
Obviously Mexico is going to pay it! GOD!
Vor 19.10.2018
They are A reason. As opposed to beign random.
Kagagami 26.10.2018
He trapped himself. He knew the risks and decided it was worth it. A woman can't make the pregnancy happen by herself so the man needs to take some responsibility for preventing it too if he's not trying to be a father.
Juzuru 04.11.2018
Is it your point that it's wrong to prevent a threat when it is small, and one should wait until it grows bigger?
Nikogrel 05.11.2018
Now wait. A good majority of those having abortions are avoiding welfare.
Taukree 09.11.2018
EDIT: Please ignore this post and read my other one. When I wrote this, I misunderstood the research.
Modal 19.11.2018
Yes, the majority of European descent as opposed to today's population.
Shazilkree 24.11.2018
Consent to sex isn't consent to pregnancy.
Akinozragore 03.12.2018
They called us all Ed. ??
Vudor 13.12.2018
It would be a cool concept. I have considered launching this new religious belief with myself at the head. I will wear a pointy hat
Tajas 20.12.2018
But you know it's billions of years old and no intelligence designed it?
Shakalar 28.12.2018
you do realize that what i put up is the same as yours, right? LOL


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