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C S Lewis wrote a lot of seriously silly stuff.

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Yoramar 05.08.2018
I didn?t realize that Jesus himself introduced Eve to Adam, as in the OP picture. And why is Jesus wearing cloths in The Garden. At this point in the story the idea of being ?naked? was not known. I think it?s all allegory and parable, except, of course, the parts to be taken literally.
Nizilkree 09.08.2018
"a man can have all the sex he wants without personal consequences".
Tokazahn 19.08.2018
Now read your quote slowly. Because it doesn't say what you think it says.
Mushura 20.08.2018
You did? What happened to you?
Akinoll 29.08.2018
That is speaking about when he was crucified. Revelation is describing his return to the earth.
Faukora 09.09.2018
I don't know why you think you'd go to hell. I also don't know why you'd think heaven must be exclusive in order to be perfect. Or why it's important that it be perfect.
Kelar 16.09.2018
Another mashiach claimant, Bar Kokhba fought a war against the Roman Empire, catching the Tenth Legion by surprise and retaking Jerusalem.
Taurn 22.09.2018
I saw you asked me yesterday, but it was closed before I could respond.
Kagul 30.09.2018
You don't need a certainty of 50%. I put mine at 1. The best way to describe my position is agnostic atheist. No faith at all.
Melmaran 06.10.2018
1.already a law that states this.
Voodoojora 11.10.2018
You are defending it....
Juzshura 15.10.2018
As the saying goes, I will defend your right to practice your religion. I will oppose you, though, if you try to force others to adopt that religion or if you try to impose your religious beliefs on others.
Kigor 22.10.2018
It's like Lego without 'ell...pure 'eaven.
Gumi 30.10.2018
Define "enlightenment". Because historically, the process that Europe went through that is commonly referred as such, also had a lot of Church losing its influence.
Gardabar 05.11.2018
God sayz we arrr, and if he sayz so, then we is!!!
Akinogor 07.11.2018
False. No one is "made" homosexual by God.
Akishura 15.11.2018
Go back to a comment I made to you about fighting the proper way...


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