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Fat messy anal on xtube
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Gardajora 10.08.2018
ANONYMOUS opinion commentator counter:
Gagrel 14.08.2018
tell me again how you people are suppose to be better than the taliban or liberals?
Kigal 17.08.2018
Why do you guys hate turn about so much? I'm just giving him what he gives to everybody else.
Tagami 18.08.2018
In the 90s Catholic high school girls loved the butt sex as they maintained their virginity. Those women were pretty adventurous.
Dataxe 25.08.2018
I can?t get over ?LGBT people burn, Corey Stewart is great, here?s some thrown shit, and by the way you need to learn love and tolerance?
Shaktizshura 02.09.2018
" And that argument about being allowed to react that way to stressful situations is some bs when cops are allowed to stick a gun in your face and expect you to remain calm as well. If I can't react to you manhandling me and pulling a loaded gun on me emotionally, why do you get to be "emotional" and shoot a shiitake ton of bullets???"
Telabar 12.09.2018
Whether it's your genuine lack of knowledge about basic Islam or just your deceptive pose to appear that way --- either your ignorance or your taqqya -- (a traditional salad dressing prepared from sesame seeds and camel urine) -- is impressive.
Nall 22.09.2018
but he took steps to ensure they couldn't get the cake they wanted.
Dom 27.09.2018
Probably because I blocked him. So yeah you'll still see him. Duh
Samuzshura 01.10.2018
Oh yes, the NT is where eternal fire, torture, and damnation are introduced. Like what kind of a monster would require eternal torture for any crime. My statement stands. You cannot get rational moral codes from the Bible without cheery picking, making the Bible a horrible place to base morals from.
Tushura 08.10.2018
I am an atheist, and I am in the military.
Vudozragore 09.10.2018
Re: Terrorist state. Israel has conducted extra-territorial assassinations. But specifically those have targeted either leaders and influencers in organizations that are committed to Israel's destruction, or important scientists helping states with sworn enmity to Israel from getting a nuclear weapon.
Vudokora 11.10.2018
Yep. If you don?t believe in God fine...does there need to be a debate about it?
Maugul 14.10.2018
Yeah, I don't find hte ontological argument the least bit powerful.
Tashura 15.10.2018
You are born with 'free will', is that sin?
Shashicage 18.10.2018
(1) Let the 5 people die, and pick through their pockets aftewards
Gokree 24.10.2018
For prayer to work, there must be someone to hear the prayer
Tojaktilar 01.11.2018
Nah, I'll keep watching.
Gardataur 08.11.2018
Gooood morning Stinkers and Stinkerettes! The coffee is on and the weight loss monitor habits are back in place. This is the best way to have Cherry Coke!
Akigis 09.11.2018
Not among the general population as all they had back then was (((BBC))) propaganda
Teramar 13.11.2018
Yet he was perfectly fine selling a wedding cake for a dog wedding. That is a strictly forbidden practice in the Christian faith, and if this guy was in any way consistent in his beliefs, he'd only sell to virgin brides and never-divorced couples. He'd fact-check all his shit. But he doesn't. He ONLY refuses to sell for same-sex couples wanting to marry.
Faulkis 19.11.2018
Well, at least you're open-minded.
Vizilkree 25.11.2018
I'm not the one opining, you two-bit fraud. .
Zulucage 30.11.2018
Is that for getting in or going out... LOL I get cornfused...
Mikar 08.12.2018
The race to build the perfect state religion killed many deities.
Faele 09.12.2018
Yeah, that's why I deleted my post. :D
Doujora 20.12.2018
"Cuckservative" has been used.
Voodooshura 21.12.2018
Like I said, there is plenty of evidence for micro evolution which is credited for mutations that are mostly bad. Some small changes from microevolution are credited for adaptation within a family of species. But we have yet to see any evidence of "evolution" from one family of species to another. And of course, no evidence that evolution caused abiogenesis.
Tarn 25.12.2018
That is still illegal in most states. Be careful.
Diramar 29.12.2018
Doubtful, they can't do that now .
Arashisho 30.12.2018
I am aware of a man who has worked for NASA and the JPL... He is pretty positive that dating methods are off.
Mokinos 31.12.2018
I'm not 100% sure of that Al.


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