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What does the Vulgate of St. Jerome say in these verses?

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I hope every woman does
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See? You don't need billions of people in order to be gullible :)
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And again you begin replying before anyone could read all that's been said and have time to give a thoughtful reply.
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What a bum deal...
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You are dating yourself? How's that going for you? ;-)
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You can also be sexy. Just sayin'.
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Welcome to Love Stinks scenario! Enjoy your stay
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The exception to the rule, proves the rule? Statistically speaking black men will make less money and have shorter lives compared to white men, among other fun stuff...but yes Ben!
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'Science has yet to explain...'
Maulkis 20.09.2018
Sounds a lot like Turdeau, actually.
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conservative estimates are 40-60 million
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Yeah, and your case does not make sense. It does not explain your statement of the democrats fucking up a whole generation in Illinois. Accept it. Make a better case.
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Neither is Florida. The south is North of here.
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Everything you say here is made up. You'd probably admit that you have no material evidence of your position, too... madness.


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