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Brajin 21.05.2018
That is an extreme oversimplification.
Zoloramar 30.05.2018
I was never sure the origin so I could never gauge exactly why TA except that it was a large forum that leans left. Comment boards have never been particularly pleasant, but I think somewhat delighted in trying to ruin positive conversation or just thought it represented some kind of larger cultural penetration.
Kazilkree 31.05.2018
Do it do it do it. I am not in the mood to work today.
Arashikus 07.06.2018
Great. One more person not likely to grab a gun and kill others. Not that you had any intention to before but confirmation is always nice.
Takinos 14.06.2018
Well, if you are not interested in discussing the topic, go and find the one which interests you more instead of engaging in personal attacks. And you are wrong, I have read the book, that's why I say it is compliant with my knowledge of the Islamic doctrine.
Digis 16.06.2018
A reasonable person would suspect that the story of a transfer of sin at birth, to every human, at the fault of someone who sinned thousands of years ago, thereby requiring allegiance to the only god that can allegedly neutralize the sin, to avoid punishment after death, is a scheme to promote allegiance to that god.
Zuluzilkree 17.06.2018
The fact that slavery was so widespread in the ancient world is not proof that civilization could not have been built without it. There was no "slaves only" civilization; point to any ancient slaveholding society, and you can find wage-labor and contract-labor existing alongside it. The long-held belief, starting with Herodotus, that the Pyramids were built by slaves has been debunked:
Tojakazahn 18.06.2018
that would be great if we could even take care of the poor we already have.
Taura 24.06.2018
You don't understand what happened. I'm not surprised. You regularly prove you're stupid.
Mot 02.07.2018
Speaking of spewing, The View, better known as "The Spew", has 5 vile women on that show that spread hate. That's ABC
Zololabar 12.07.2018
I think even getting better doesnt truly satisfy the human person. Thus the reason so many societies seek higher truth and understanding of purpose and destiny. But those things are only found in God.
Dazragore 13.07.2018
YES! a Tueeeeesday Strom trooper... Rebounding after Monday Mourning....
Samule 19.07.2018
You're correct if that's what you believe. But I respectfully disagree because love hurts (your heart) and love is blind (your heart) and the little bitty 10% brains we SUPPOSEDLY use does not mix with our heart. This shhh just got weird.... But yea Cavs win 4 in a row
Goltill 27.07.2018
Perhaps time is just a wheel spinning around....Robert Jordan.
Moogukazahn 06.08.2018
Care to prove the universe to have been a conscious and deliberate act of creation?
Akinotilar 16.08.2018
Yes!! I remember being around 13 and together with my friend we'd call a certain number and talk to (mostly strange older men) from all over the country. Needless to say my mom was pissed when the phone bill arrived.
Voodoole 21.08.2018
Does the same apply to accusations of Marxist or communist behavior?
Shashicage 22.08.2018
No, thats incorrect Sir.


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