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Are we talking America or the rest of the world?

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Naramar 09.08.2018
Absolutely correct...you're not a Libertarian at all, but a rather conventional leftist Democrat who thinks personal attacks on conservatives are A-OK.
Kajigor 12.08.2018
I fully agree, Andrew. :-)
Tushakar 15.08.2018
Reverence and irreverence are 100% compatible. As a matter of fact, reverence without a good dose of irreverence risks being so self-important as to be intolerable.
Nirr 24.08.2018
today's methodists would have been apostates once. do you really not understand the point i am making here?
Tegul 27.08.2018
I didn't see anything convincing...
Mazujas 06.09.2018
They no this Kelly. They are here because they cannot make up their own mind
Magar 08.09.2018
My mom was a florist and did a lot of weddings. Based on my experience of working with her, I think it would take a lot of effort to find someone that would be against a gay wedding.
Kasar 14.09.2018
Curious if I knew them.
Kimuro 16.09.2018
I'd tie a knot in mine but I need the full length. ??
Shaktikora 23.09.2018
Because, as the article says, it can make all the difference in placing settlements and palaces unearthed. It's very important.
Faular 02.10.2018
It was allowed because the democrats did it and benefited from those Japanese assets.
Tushakar 04.10.2018
No, it really doesn't all mean the same thing.
Mogar 08.10.2018
She's going to sit that fake ass on him and brake his other leg.
Gagore 15.10.2018
You think the NDP/Liberals/Media put her up to this?
Dulkis 19.10.2018
Swing and a miss.
Shakall 23.10.2018
Where is the evidence that a global flood is impossible? If the earth is billions of years, are many such disasters globally possible?
Gokora 31.10.2018
LOL,,NDP will call any one making over 40,000.00 rich BAM,,there's where she's getting her money for all the FREE stuff. The trickery is in her words,the rich will have to pay a little bit more, but doesn't tell us the magical number to call some one rich,,,lol
Zolojas 02.11.2018
It gives the government the extra tax money to pay for the tax cuts.
Grosar 10.11.2018
Glad someone else tackled it. It was on my list.
Gujas 14.11.2018
Lmao these titles though.
Meztir 17.11.2018
"Subsidies in general are immoral, when using public funds."
Yozshujas 24.11.2018
So Trump is now put every American business in a catch 22. Go along with Trump policies even if it hurts your business and keeps you from making a profit or go against Trump and he will make sure he taxes your company so that it does not make a profit. Not to worry Trump is bringing back coal, fax machines, pagers, drive in movies and tang (he sprinkles it on his hair and skin).
Taukasa 28.11.2018
Yeeeeehaaaaw! Cue dualing banjos.
Duk 01.12.2018
Except remember the Eastern and Western versions of Christianity came very close to declaring each other heretical. They both together had earlier declared most of the rest of Christianity heretical earlier. And that line between heresy closely followed the eastern border of the reduced Eastern Roman Empire. Still not greatly different than the present border between Turkey and Syria.
Malakree 10.12.2018
I moved from NY to SC in 2015, I've been an atheist since high school. I've never ran into a more backwards, superstitious people.So one day I asked a simple question with a mixed group. If I am a christian and at church, which is supposed to be the house of god, why do I need an armed guard to protect me? I'm as close to god as I will be and who knows if this is not his plan for me or others to get shot in church.
Yorisar 19.12.2018
The content made no sense. Bit of a weird ramble. I wouldn't trust anything about your math as you make claims about some of it not existing, even when it did.
Tugami 25.12.2018
You still don't get it. I'll type slower for you. We don't care what you believe, and we already know how to deal with the reality that more of you "were here!" than are here now. With communication technology being what it is, the voice of reason is getting real loud, real fast. The children of today aren't sheltered from outside influences like they used to be.They will be prompted to actually give thought to their beliefs.
Vikazahn 26.12.2018
These gods are just awesome. So much more fun than the modern ones.
Mooguktilar 28.12.2018
He was so happy and wouldn't stop holding his son. Oh David, as long as you don't speak in your ridiculously high-pitched-for-a-hot-guy-voice it'll be ok. shhhhh...don't speak.
Nikozilkree 05.01.2019
Oh hell yeah, they want something. And if they are cute enough they get it.
Mazuran 15.01.2019
Romney is a fake, fraud, and a con man. He knows the Mormons supported Trump, and the anti LGBT, anti abortion crusade. He knows the Trump crusade could use a few more con men.
Dataur 22.01.2019
So no actual counter-argument? Got it.
Met 29.01.2019
It makes for great fodder, so I just post it to expose and make fun of their stupidity. What can I say? I bore easily. ;-)
Mishicage 05.02.2019
When you hit six, its officially a problem. :P


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