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Cojiendo en la ducha
Cojiendo en la ducha
Cojiendo en la ducha
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Big brother brigitte naked
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Zudal 24.02.2018
yep. I wanted to use the scenario in the news but I purposely used lifestyle choice instead of LGBTQ. If someone doesn't have to treat same-sex couples exactly the same as different-sex couples when it clearly isn't as simple as a lifestyle choice, what's to stop them from saying they heard you're swingers and their religion disagrees with that actual lifestyle choice so they can't bake your cake?
Tolkree 04.03.2018
Again. a person has no power to stop anything. A prayer is just to help bring the spirit of God into action. The prayers of the righteous avails much. No where does it say that it is the solution - it is the comfort it provides that is healing.
Mooguran 10.03.2018
What I mean is that if it was clearly stated, explicitly in the Decalogue, or by Jesus, that it is displeasing to "God" for people to enslave others, it probably wouldn't have taken 1700 odd years for enough Christians to reinterpret scripture profoundly enough, to oppose it seriously enough, to band together in order to constitute an effective abolitionist lobby.
Migul 17.03.2018
My nose is blocked if its not blocked in both its blocked in one but yet its still running , my eyes are itchy and watery and i sneeze multiple time in a row . My allergy pills are like sleeping meds Anybody else have seasonal allergies that are kicking their as*es today?
Kajikazahn 27.03.2018
Yeah, but you know I do know the science, so you're playing some kind of game with yourself.
Dilmaran 05.04.2018
It is a birthday present to myself. I like humor.
Nell 12.04.2018
Lol, what started out as a fair-minded OP quickly devolved into a ranting criticism of Christianity.
Tujinn 18.04.2018
BRAVO...too many people confuse dignity/moral center with PRIDE.
Dosar 24.04.2018
I'm asking if you can back this up. I honestly don't think you're right about this. Close to right, but not quite right.
Mezragore 02.05.2018
Um, no. I'm spot on.
Mibar 07.05.2018
A real trick.
Baran 13.05.2018
You can build a safe room from the used containers to keep the haters out.
Vujora 22.05.2018
I am a Christian, thank you.
Dainos 28.05.2018
Are you surprised though ? Conservatives continue to see 3 million imaginary illegal voters, murderous illegals and MS-13 everywhere.
Disho 03.06.2018
Exactly...a good predictor of the future is past behavior.
Akigar 11.06.2018
Sweet ring, bro. Wrong hand, but sweet ring.
Dobar 20.06.2018
Gives a whole new meaning to recess!
Mizragore 29.06.2018
People who believe that "nothing remains of the assertion that the patriarchs actually existed as historical figures," should read =Pharaohs and Kings= by serious Egyptologist David Rohl. It has a picture of an ancient Egyptian sculpture of jacob's son Joseph on the dust-jacket cover.


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