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yes, that is why this world is in such a bad shape. you have no desire for it.

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Cathy clip cum free pie
Cathy clip cum free pie
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Fenrilkis 08.07.2018
Cute til they get big enough to jump on the hood of your new car.
JoJolar 15.07.2018
No, my belief if is my life. I feel God's presence at all times, follow
Taull 20.07.2018
There are states that have passed such laws: Arkansas
Keramar 23.07.2018
Why is it always the same.....different people, same responses. Let me know when your side comes up with something new...
Mezahn 30.07.2018
... you're mom just became single, sorry to break it to you like this
Tygoramar 08.08.2018
Chuckle ?? ?? ?? ??
Mazujind 15.08.2018
Millenials, particularly millenial men, poll quite well for Ford.
Volmaran 22.08.2018
I mean... even atheists would likely agree with that.
Aracage 31.08.2018
You missed the context.
Tagore 08.09.2018
I'm late and you're probably gone, but coming into give you all the hugs <3. I've been there before, too.
Mazushicage 09.09.2018
The only proof you will ever believe is your own experience. You said "elaborate chase". That sounds like someone that sincerely wants to find God. There is a massive difference between what we think and what we do. You say you sincerely want to know if God exists. Prove that to me right now by telling me what you're physically doing to find God for yourself. BUT I already know the answer and I also know that you will use endless philosophy, logic, and reason to provide reasons why it's a waste of time, all the while refusing to actually do what's required to prove God. It's not about me and my opinions, it's about you and your decisions.
Nitaur 14.09.2018
I would have thought that you were grown up enough to know that someone's Word originates in His mind.
Samuzragore 18.09.2018
The US forbids literally anyone from polygamy in the country. Not just Mormons.
Tum 24.09.2018
That is indeed what people do here.
Tekora 30.09.2018
The FBI crime data continues to identify that negroes commit felonious crimes at a rate approximately 11 times higher than that of white. They commit violent crime of rape and murder at a level 21 times higher than whites. However, the biggest crime is referring to Henry Louis Gates as a "scholar."
Tojagrel 04.10.2018
Wouldn't God have known exactly what was going to happen? It's part and parcel to Omniscience. It's not like He was surprised by anything.
Sharg 06.10.2018
He offers no excuses. As the grand designer of the world, He doesn't have to. Denying something exists doesn't make it exist any less.
Fezilkree 15.10.2018
In order for you to say it is out of context, you would have to first know what the proper context is. So why don't you educate us on the proper context of the quotes I've cited.
Tem 15.10.2018
More labeling. You're doing such a good job of making my point for me, I should be paying you...
Jugis 18.10.2018
i think subsidies make everything more expensive. subsidies are bad.
Bralabar 19.10.2018
ROFL someone tweeted a pic of the tiki torch bros with the caption "when you're strung out on Ambien"
Gagami 23.10.2018
It is more than just paying low wages to illegal alien workers Employers also can get away with not offering health insurance or overtime pay or days off or breaks during the day or have to worry about someone complaining to the authorities about working conditions. There are many benefits for a business owner to hire illegal alien labor.


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