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!! Yes I've seen people with their dogs in the shopping carts in Target. Honestly, the dog doesn't have to go everywhere with you. And I say that as someone who likes to have my dog everywhere with me. There are plenty of dog friendly restaurants and outdoor town centers to take your dog to.

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Meztira 27.04.2018
Yeah sure, gotcha... :p
Nazil 06.05.2018
What?s with the logical fallacy in the form of a loaded question. There was no ?spy?. Trump and his groupies just made that up.
Shaktisida 08.05.2018
I do not DO left leaning bias NPR
Akirr 15.05.2018
On a scale of 0-100, how certain are you a Creator doesn't exist with 0 being no certainty?
Tegami 24.05.2018
Because they are wrong. Mary was NOT without sin but she trusted God and had faith.
Gardar 03.06.2018
None of these words can - anyway - explain that fact, regardless. God sees 'time' differently.
Tajora 12.06.2018
Ohhh...Not one I've watched since I was little.
Taujar 22.06.2018
And she's completely missing the point that medical professionals treat
Nazahn 23.06.2018
because people are fvcking idiotic
Maugore 01.07.2018
So military men complaining about the inequality is a commonplace thing?
Kazragrel 12.07.2018
Are you perhaps thinking there's 'no such thing as "MIS"-interpreting'? as if it's not a possibility. Come on. Everyone has done that; plenty of times.
Moogumuro 18.07.2018
If she is urging voters to elect as many Liberals as possible, then she is not throwing in the towel. The "as many as possible" could be 63 or more, up to 124. Next week she will be crying on camera asking for another chance.
Samucage 19.07.2018
"All TRUE Christians do have the same moral code"
Tazahn 22.07.2018
Well luckily I have chest pillows.
Jugrel 26.07.2018
So, Muslims are allowed to refuse to sell forks to a restaurant that serves pig? Or Hindus can refuse to sell forks to the owner of a steakhouse?
Mikarr 28.07.2018
Don't believe crap from the white nationalist backed Townhall rag. Townhall is a hotbed for right wingnut paranoia.
Meztijora 01.08.2018
You'll make something out of nothing girlfriend!
Gardarr 07.08.2018
Obama spent $10 Trillion to lead the second slowest recovery from a recession on record
Kazilmaran 12.08.2018
the whole point of faith it is it isn't a reflection of truth. It is NOT a virtue the way believers have been indoctrinated to believe. It literally sets us back
Shakakazahn 16.08.2018
Filthy dirty, I walked in and so the framing is there. And I counted four pee bottles. So I am emailing the Sales Rep to tell them make those motherfuggas take their asses out to pee wth
Maudal 17.08.2018
But we do have real world statistics.
Vugore 19.08.2018
You said you were, Butt-Hurt Stallion,
Dugami 21.08.2018
What was the discussion about? I can't figure what this is about.
Aragor 22.08.2018
Your appear to be confusing entropy (disorder) with complexity (structure). The second "law" (it is actually a well supported theory, in an isolated system, disorder increases over time, with a legacy name of "law") of thermodynamics only addresses the former, and is not relevant to the issue of complexity, which is what happens in between instantiation and dissolution as entropy increases.
Mezizshura 02.09.2018
I thought cats just used this
Kejora 03.09.2018
you have had success walking to women in bars telling them they have gorgeous feet, that leads to a foot massage...that leads to sex...
Dolkree 04.09.2018
You think President Trump negotiated the release of those prisoners? Hardly. It is a North Korean pattern to 'goodwill' to release US prisoners ahead of (or shortly thereafter) a US diplomat arrives. North Korea released US hostages before Carter visited and also when Bill Clinton visited.
Dokree 13.09.2018
Yes, I do know that scientists rely on more than one method to evidence what they claim.
Malashura 18.09.2018
The irony of your comment is palpable.
Shaktirisar 21.09.2018
most of them know too much, they won't tell until after the fact!!!


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