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Yes, actually. Christians in general signed up for a ban of SSM.

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Mezigis 06.07.2018
There's a world of difference. One is verified and reproducible in a lab and the other isn't.
Zumi 08.07.2018
If they did not sign the attestation, then they wouldn't have received the funding. At least, that's the way it works for SOME groups. Your silence is tacit approval of this anti-Israel group. The reason for your silence is known only to you.
Tojadal 09.07.2018
I think I will be too. His total removal from reality is boring.
Kigashakar 11.07.2018
I like your second paragraph thesis as a point for discussion. Will bring it up in a future "alternate history" post. (Gotta get past the Muslims first.)
Tygokinos 18.07.2018
Is there evidence from any sources that makes you think I'm wrong?
Mezigul 20.07.2018
You're not even wearing pants, Windy. You failed again.
Kajijas 25.07.2018
Ah., I see how that could've come off. Let me clarify...
Dok 27.07.2018
Nope. He exists.
Mutaxe 29.07.2018
Like I said, more of centrist, didn't say I was one.
Golrajas 04.08.2018
So the "plus" is bigger for surgeons than garbage collectors? How about teachers, politicians, accountants? How do those individuals fit in your "plus" scale?
Gardalkree 08.08.2018
No problem, and I've made the same mistakes in the past. You got the invite from me, but that's because as a mod once we approve the posts the invites go out from us even when we don't write them.
Shalar 16.08.2018
This one has the ethno-racial bit ??
Shakashakar 24.08.2018
Doesn't matter. Anyone or anything or any god. Why would god get a pass?


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