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One thing that bothers me is families that buy these enormous cars for their teens when they're all going in the same direction and could carpool.

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Akizragore 04.07.2018
Yes, everything is 'self evident' to you. No proof ever needed. How convenient. Yet you pretend you are different from a theist. Laughable.
Samubei 06.07.2018
NO, it's not. It's the same mindset of "I wont' serve your kind" -- and that's blatant discrimination. And illegal.
Goltiran 08.07.2018
"The Lord was with the men of Judah. "
Moogukasa 16.07.2018
He was quite a guy.
Kazrasho 20.07.2018
Well God is a law unto Himself, pretty much by definition. There is no judge over God. That's the whole idea of God.
Melmaran 21.07.2018
so you could refute his argument?
JoJoshicage 23.07.2018
Yay! Are you moved in yet?
Tashura 27.07.2018
It is NOT up to the individual. We are human beings and as such we are all innately empathetic. We instinctively have an aversion to causing pain and suffering to other living things. If you do not have that, I suggest you commit yourself to an asylum.
Megor 07.08.2018
Of course a person abusing children overrules their benevolent actions towards others. If you believe that the abuse is negated by kindness to others, then you are part of the problem.
Zukasa 11.08.2018
Race you there....
Vudokazahn 21.08.2018
The federal and state government has forced everyone to buy a license for everything--this is their out to telling you how to run a business. Don't like it, deny you the license. In my town you even need a license to be a free lance anything in your own home. 16 year olds have to have a license now to babysit.
Sagul 25.08.2018
I am hoping the way I stated it, provides a more structured argument.
Marn 30.08.2018
Left hand, right hand accounting.
Douramar 07.09.2018
Regarding number 5 I just remember the Sanitariums and the book Coma made me think about experimenting on them.
Vubar 08.09.2018
I like how you fantasize about people and their supposed reactions. Now, if you could only bring proof other than propaganda photo's of your ending message.
Samusho 17.09.2018
It is only huge in your mind because you didn't actually take the time to read the details. The case was settle LAST YEAR. They've just been waiting for the two parties to reach an agreed upon amount. There was no guilty verdict handed down (as far as I know) because a settlement was reached before it came to that.
Daikora 26.09.2018
Sure. That happened consistently when my kids were in school. As I said: they went to school in Texas. My daughter was (unfortunately) forced to sit through an entire lesson plan of abstinence only education despite the fact that it was shown to be totally ineffective well over ten years ago. Since I take my role in my kids' education very seriously, I challenged the teacher on the lesson plan (a coach, naturally) and was told that it doesn't matter if it's true or not, it's in line with his Christian values.
Zulukora 27.09.2018
Ah. My apologies. I guess I'm used to seeing poes everywhere.
Kazimi 30.09.2018
Happy Monday doll!!
Nill 09.10.2018
Still saying not an attack as such, Analysis more so. Not that good with words.


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