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You seem to be accepting that we have evolved from some other ape?

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And are you enjoying his time in power? I think he looks rather fetching in the local garb.
Vugal 30.05.2018
Let's say I asked you for advice on whether I should pay my taxes. You advised that if I am a taxpayer, I should. I say that I don't know if I am a tax payer. You say that a court could decide for me. I say that I would like to know before I risk going to jail. You say I am . I ask why... (cue your argument)
Mazuzragore 03.06.2018
please explain the NDP's hydro plan
Kazijind 09.06.2018
Nah, they just go to churches and shoot black people.
Dutaur 13.06.2018
Cant recall a conversation with Chase, but I'll keep a watch. I appreciate people who can maintain a cool head in any discussion. Thank you for your thoughts, Heyo ???????
Yozshusida 22.06.2018
Your doctrine is one that is not even close to what the scriptures say. You can't interpret the bible by isolating a few scriptures and making a doctrine out of it. You have to compare both old and new testament scriptures that speak of the same events.
Arajind 27.06.2018
So you are stating you believe there were no scientists in China that promoted this up until the 1700s?
Vulkree 05.07.2018
You keep pointing to this book that you claim shows this god of yours exists, and he MUST exist, because it says so in this book that was written by this god.
Daijinn 06.07.2018
For those who know not music, Chopin was a Man with tuberculosis, and "las silfides", is a medical condition...
JoJobar 10.07.2018
18000 comments and they're all some variation of lame ... not cool. I can't imagine what it's like to be so limited.... that means lame, or not cool.
Moogujinn 16.07.2018
Oh, and my flight home I'm sitting in front of a small child who apparently wants to be a part of Riverdance. The damn kid kicked my seat the whole way. Her freaking mother, her face in her phone the whole time. How do you not notice that? People have no common courtesy anymore.
Zukazahn 20.07.2018
My father was German, a (nominal) Lutheran like your stepfather. I was the youngest of five children and by the time I came along my parents had stopped going to church. I think this was mainly because my Irish mother was agnostic. I never went to Sunday school either. We attended church only once when I was about 8, shortly after my dad's mother died, and then never went again.


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