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Except that you can't point to a single time in human history where this "objective" approach was actual used by real people.

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Kile 26.06.2018
This is a ban based on religion. This goes against the concept of religious freedom that goes to the core of our American values and ideals.
Kazijora 30.06.2018
Thus the the title of Straw man....this is a technique of argument that basically entails countering by changing the subject with a retort.........for examples keep reading the responses to my comment.
Aranris 03.07.2018
must resist she is a fwiend... Must resist...
Vokasa 06.07.2018
Trust your own instincts. You can't go far wrong there.
JoJokora 10.07.2018
I don't have a waffle iron - can I make it up to you in...other... ways?
Zolozil 12.07.2018
Which GOP wants "Religion infused government for sensible solutions, in the 21st century " RUBE??......
Kazralabar 17.07.2018
Don't put a lack of belief on others.
JoJorr 19.07.2018
Your missing the point. I am only speaking for myself...I want empirical proof. 'Religious' proof (whatever that is) doesn't make the grade for me.
Kebar 22.07.2018
Yes because 'witches' were seen as a menace in the King James era so it seemed reasonable to edit the translation to support killing them. 'Witches' was a fairly modern concept not known at the time of the original writing.
Kajikus 29.07.2018
I think so, too. I can never remember if it's "QUAYlia" or "QUAHlia".
Dizahn 05.08.2018
Name one piece of evidence from those hundreds of people.
Shataur 07.08.2018
Not scientific Theories with a capital "T". Please learn the difference.
Ket 12.08.2018
I was called a [email protected] C_nt for a similar reason on a political channel.
Mazuk 16.08.2018
so you quote scripture to paint a picture of what you think your god is.
Kazrazil 20.08.2018
I think Hawking said that while we may not be able to disprove God we have made him unnecessary.
Kijas 25.08.2018
My Jesus? I think Jesus was an apocalyptic prophet (hence this post).
Maura 28.08.2018
interesting translation...but I also loved it!
Muzilkree 31.08.2018
Hobby Lobby demonstrated companies can discriminate based on religion. If they were offering health insurance to customers, it would have been the same result.
Brakree 05.09.2018
It means you need my D
Kazrajas 09.09.2018
...and then turn around and rob it blind 10 fold
Vok 18.09.2018
As I said: VAT is charged to the consumer on all products irrespective of their country of origin. You may think it?s a bad tax but it does not disadvantage US products.
Dorn 25.09.2018
Obviously there are severe forms of religions indoctrination that should be considered abusive or unhealthy. Obviously most normal forms are not.
Grogar 28.09.2018
Again you are blaming a religion. I will cede that the laws that you had to believe in a supreme being to hold office would be religious. I don't know what religion because you could say you believed in the force. But the rest of your argument is just silly. As I have said, 95% to 99% of the people I know are not religious. Most of what the ACLU fights are just plain bias. Has nothing to do with religion. Some may claim it does but it is just bias.
Arashidal 05.10.2018
Here's what you said:
Gunos 10.10.2018
Same site we're talking about. I don't say "duh" often, but duh. :)
Arashilrajas 15.10.2018
In the Jaina tradition, ancient lifespans are even longer. I think Mahavira was like 11th (or so?) Arhat, and this is one of the earlier ones (from a free version of one of Max Muller's translation of the Jaina Sutras):
Mezirn 25.10.2018
Sorry little fella. I know who she is, but I don't watch that show. You sound like you are addicted to something. Actually I am retired and do lots of things. But dabbling in non sense isn't one of them. Now run along and bother someone else.
JoJozil 26.10.2018
The cognitive dissonance of our rap artists.......in one breath they're glorifying slinging that rock and putting nigg#s on they back, then in the next breath they're whining about the police. Last time I checked police are hired to stop drug dealers and murder.
Yozshulkree 01.11.2018
It can't be known that women age, Gracie.
Tygokree 07.11.2018
"Christians are the true Atheists"


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