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False. Problem is then magnified.

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Bramuro 06.05.2018
It's the dictionary definition, so I don't know what additional meaning you're putting on it.
Zolokasa 14.05.2018
Whereas trumptards like yourself drink cheap domestic beer and regurgitate alt-right talking points you clearly don't understand in the first place. Most people don't even bother with you whatsoever because they know you're gonna fuck it up on your own anyway Sling Blade. ;)
Maurr 17.05.2018
I have to admit. I'm clueless about the Quran.
Faujind 25.05.2018
What's a spirit and how do you commit to it?
Douran 30.05.2018
I'm not, but thanks for playing anyways.
Jujas 04.06.2018
I do buy my own Lol.
Nagor 12.06.2018
"A walking talking contradiction."
Telkis 20.06.2018
Define murder. And no. Free will is a construct of human behavior and psychology implanted by God to assist God in natural selection. "Hey fellas watch this..."
Kegore 24.06.2018
I see. So it is ok to murder an innocent for personal convenience in your book?
Mauramar 03.07.2018
I aspire to be like her when I'm old.
Kajigor 04.07.2018
All you have done is fling poo on two threads. And almost all of it directed at me.
Kazrabar 10.07.2018
I gave this an effort to read, but I still found it hard to follow what exactly was being said. By the third paragraph, I found the thread utterly impossible to disentangle.
Taulkis 17.07.2018
Believe me... I know about the confusion between migrants & refugees.
Daizuru 24.07.2018
Those who have suggested that God was speaking as the trinity are those who were taught by the Wolves Jesus warned about at Matthew 7:15. When one bothers to study the Old Testament, they absolutely do NOT come away with the thought that a triune god was revealed. A tremendous theological stretcccchhhh.... is needed to produce such a being.
Virn 28.07.2018
I proved my point- by him saying all you have do is acknowledge Jesus existed and taught the Torah, you are
Gardami 07.08.2018
"Speciation is fact, but evo isn't only mere speciation."
Goltilabar 14.08.2018
How many of Alex Jones' male vitality supplements have you bought?
Goltigar 19.08.2018
I mean I would argue it?s a cult. When you have to escape, it?s a cult. My church lets me come and go
Taujar 23.08.2018
Yep. We feel like that as humans. We want to do to them as they did to us.


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