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well find something perfect in reality. i'll patiently wait. fact: nothing in life is perfect. however people can research any given topic, them being ignorant of something is their own concern. relationships are no different to what i said earlier. people have knowledge, and choice, and an ability to exercise that knowledge.

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Taull 23.03.2018
I honestly don't care what's a turn-off anymore. I've accepted that I
Gokree 26.03.2018
Doesn't work that way, and only shows your immaturity. The President did the correct thing. Instead of wasting tax dollars on an event with a low turnout, he canceled it. The bonus is prevention of dumbassary by the puppet masters of the Philadelphia Eagles in the process.
Arashit 30.03.2018
The 1st Amendment says he does...
Akinoramar 04.04.2018
Those great thinkers were shunned by their own religions. Their science was so overwhelming though, that it had to be accepted.
Gok 10.04.2018
No, the historical Jesus is not bound to "fall." There is evidence to support the existence of a historical Jesus. That evidence can't just disappear.
Samugor 16.04.2018
It certainly doesn't advance it the way you want it 'advanced.' It advances it the way i want it to advance.
Morg 17.04.2018
Calling out the bullshit of a religion isn't hate.
Vugore 26.04.2018
I would also ask you what good is morality doing and does it exist? The world is competitive. Morals are a great suggestion but I have found that society does not value morals. Never has.
Goltizshura 06.05.2018
You know, I lived a few blocks from the neighbourhood for 7 years, and never went to the parade. :-)
Dait 14.05.2018
Why don't you just pray that I be converted tomorrow? I'll get back to you then.


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