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By the time I paid living expenses and my fraternity dues, I had barely enough money for ramen and gas for my brand new 12-year-old car.

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Christians would give the glory to God and share willingly. Jimmy would give glory to the state and share by theft.

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Ditaur 17.07.2018
Sorry you are so angry.
Kigale 27.07.2018
So life is more important than quality of life to you. Interesting, but kind of sad.
Zulusida 01.08.2018
There you go again, making yourself look dishonest.
Volabar 10.08.2018
Actually they were pretty totalitarian in the past. No more.
Akizil 17.08.2018
Very strict rules guide the procedures of the Sanhedrin:
Arashijin 26.08.2018
You took a stance alright.
Dokora 31.08.2018
Such lies told by theists. It is considered immoral to lie you know.
Shaktinos 08.09.2018
Well, when you need food stamps it's highly likely you're going to vote for the political party most willing to provide them.
Voran 18.09.2018
I was asleep! Just woke up...stopped working last year...sorry to hear you still must...not working is The Better Way.
Tujas 25.09.2018
did you get it resolved?
Meziktilar 26.09.2018
1. Are these findings in line with what you thought about life on Earth?
Moogull 01.10.2018
" Eve was first to eat " This is a sin because the command of God was, "You shall not eat [for both]"
Namuro 02.10.2018
sadistic equestrian assailant, perhaps?
Mole 11.10.2018
Yay! Favor for bigotry and discrimination and homophobia!
Meztill 15.10.2018
People enhanced by AI that alters how they view the world or "lies" are no more human than the programming they accept.
Faekora 23.10.2018
Please point me to a paper that explains what you mean by "extended synthesis".
Vucage 01.11.2018
Great example of what I was talking about, thank you.
Zulkidal 04.11.2018
Not all gun owners are irresponsible.
Mugis 10.11.2018
On the open thread or on the channel?
Tojakora 17.11.2018
Too bad you think that way. Im not looking at just the fact that he broke the law im looking at the intentions of the other side and its painfully clear they dont want any middle ground or compromise. So be it.


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