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Teens teens and runaways real

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Poor people work very hard. It takes a lot of effort to keep it together when you're poor. Poor people aren't lazy, as a whole; or, at least, they're no more lazy than any other group of people. Their problem is that they don't have enough money.

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Teens teens and runaways real
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Tak 10.05.2018
You bring up a very valid observation/point. Now that I think of it, I know that I've done it. When someone rejects my kids I've said things about the rejecter that isn't right or warranted. I will try to make a conscious effort on letting my kids know that it is ok to be rejected and that it is a learning experience.
Mejinn 15.05.2018
Very well said.
Mazujora 24.05.2018
Goliath had five brothers, dahhh and Saul fell on his own sword after being fatally wounded. dahh again. Twisting the Bible to say what you want doesn't get you anything except a ticket to hell. On this note, help yourself. Ezekiel 3:17-21 only requires me to warn you. Let your blood be on your own head.
Kagadal 30.05.2018
And that is not disgusting, merely silly.
Zulugore 08.06.2018
If you believe that your God is the Creator, then how can you turn away from a gay or lesbian person in any way. God made all of His children, right? And Jesus said, "My father says that His house has many rooms." What does that mean? Does it mean heaven is huge? Does it mean God has love enough for all? I think it's closer to the second one. And if God loves all of His children, who are we to judge? I mean, you don't have it direct from God that these people aren't really quite up to snuff, do you? And is it reproduction you're talking about? I stumped a priest with this and I'll share it with you. If procreation is what keeps homosexuals at odds with the church, then let us sort out all of those heterosexual couples who married but never had children and put them with the homosexuals because they're not making babies either.
Fauran 17.06.2018
That is true.
Dougrel 26.06.2018
I don't know. I'm tired
Tecage 30.06.2018
Can I select all 3??...
Milabar 08.07.2018
Does PE fit Genesis?
Dara 17.07.2018
So not liking a woman's career choice is now misogynistic? You people have really sunk to new lows.
Gardashicage 19.07.2018
The word "truth" has been hijacked by religion and turned into a lie. When they capitalize it in the middle of a sentence, it changes the meaning, and gives it more (unearned) weight.
Zulugul 23.07.2018
Like agent orange tweet ?
Kezuru 31.07.2018
The Eastern Christians have been reading the Bible 1000 years before the printing press appeared.
Daigul 09.08.2018
I remember pay phones.
Kajijas 13.08.2018
Good speech but the other 5 didn't think that way ! Victory !!
Kazrabar 15.08.2018
Burgers are standard fare and the baker, had you bothered to read the background material, offered the gays cookies etc. But the cake is creative work. i.e. not off the shelf.
Vudojora 22.08.2018
Yes, I get that but the point I'm making is that organisms don't just evolve because that's just what they do. I pointed out natural selection and surroundings which encompasses climate.
Totaxe 30.08.2018
not measuring in the northeast....
Shakar 06.09.2018
They do. What is your point?
Zululmaran 10.09.2018
I have found the exact opposite to be true here on DISQUS. Christians are the ones who believe people are fundamentally "bad", they see the world as an awful place and getting worse and many have nothing but scorn and derision for those less fortunate. They are only as "nice" as God/Jesus requires them to be.
Dailmaran 13.09.2018
I would not do it "wittingly"
Mazukinos 22.09.2018
how many bottle caps for the fine cuppa joe?
Nalabar 30.09.2018
Kelly Whatever you may believe the fact is that your faith and the stained glass houses you may blissfully worship in is built upon the foundation of very bloody clay.
Mijar 07.10.2018
Not your nunu. LMAO!
Kigasar 13.10.2018
When you attempt to pay me in bullshit Bitcoin.
Talabar 23.10.2018
God created us and He gave us a book to learn about Him and what He did for us at the Cross.


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