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Sexy photos of hollywood actress

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Sexy photos of hollywood actress
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I give up, RA. You're in multiple gravitational fields and the reading is zero. You are not measuring gravity.
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Hmmm. The big boss at WaPo must be on vacation today.
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That's all the explanation needed.
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Slow down there, Muggle...no need to all caps me.
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I think calling you out on your logical fallacy is a sign of intelligence.
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Arguing over who's better between the Republicans and Democrats is like debating over whether it's better to have the Joker or the Penguin in charge.
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I originally voted for Obama during his first election but ended up voting against him for the second election because I was unhappy with his presidency overall. I wouldn't call myself a hater, more disappointed. So perhaps I'm the wrong person to respond to your question.
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Exactly! Some things are not genetically determined.
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I can say I hope he's humbled....defeated....ashamed.....
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Other than all the blood and teenage female angst? Ha. :)


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