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Mwahahah! Then I will vote to take away yours first! Here I come Doug Ford! Put Jebus back in schools!

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Vurn 21.06.2018
Ha ha...He created a huge mess by changing a policy...without warning or planning...leaving the agencies screwed who needed to implement, forcing the world to condemn him.
Doull 24.06.2018
Of course its you, but i waited 4 years to see her, she was across the country,
Gogar 02.07.2018
This story begs the question: is Deckard a replicant?
Torg 07.07.2018
"How's that though? Carbon dating still isn't reliable. It IS good that
Mek 12.07.2018
Since such a law would not pass in any western nation.
Mizragore 22.07.2018
If I see a man beating a child, I don't think "I don't agree with that."
Kajishura 24.07.2018
Then logically, your god ranks up there with ET?s, yetis, fairies, leprechauns, Quetzalcoatl, and Xenu. If one invisible supernatural being can exist, then any/all invisible supernatural beings can exist.
Zolotaur 01.08.2018
Are there places where you don't want to see the opposite sex other than like places you are naked? Yes. For example:
Tagar 05.08.2018
Critical of all deity based cult nonsense. It's all the same and gets treated as such
Kagalrajas 11.08.2018
Placed inside the FBI?
Vobar 20.08.2018
I just couldn't do someone with untrimmed fuzz....ick. Guy or gal, It would just be too much of a throwback to the 80's.
Zuluk 23.08.2018
Trump is dumb.
Tulmaran 29.08.2018
Exactly. I think abortion is a bad thing. . .much like divorce when there are kids involved. I think cutting into people with a sharp blade is generally a bad thing, as well. I also think all of these are sometimes necessary, and better than the alternative.
Shakagar 06.09.2018
I know enough.
Didal 13.09.2018
Consciousness is evidence of consciousness. Evidence of deities would be deities. There is nothing like that anywhere or ever.
Zulusho 14.09.2018
Sure there is no evidence of God in the bloody struggle for survival as those do not want anything to do with Him. So He honours their feelings.
Faemi 20.09.2018
Asking for clarification. Some miscarriages could be linked to actions the pregnant person takes (even if those actions aren't intended to cause a miscarriage), some can't.
Akir 22.09.2018
"Your description of the inquisition is a myth."
Vishicage 25.09.2018
Another explanation is that when resources are limited, and you have an army to field, you need a new generation and not genetic dead-ends. A gay couple takes the same resources to feed and house as a straight couple, but they don't produce soldiers. That may also explain the pork proscription. A pig. . .as omnivore. . .takes about the same amount and type of food as a person. Where you need every calorie to keep your society together, and defended, you can't waste them on gay people or pigs. Grazing animals turn grass into meat. That's why they're okay.
Tozuru 29.09.2018
Yea so hes 2-1 now
Akinorr 08.10.2018
Head of the social justice (racism) department
Akinozil 13.10.2018
Christianity was founded in the 1st Century AD. Get it right next time.
Dairn 23.10.2018
That?s debatable but I?ll agree for the sake of argument.
Mushicage 29.10.2018
I saw Jeff Healey perform way back in the early 80's in a bar near the Palace Pier condos around the time that RCMP guy threw his wife off the balcony. We were riding our bikes and decided to stop for some refreshment. It was kind of a divey bar; it's probably long gone. He gobsmacked everyone. He must have been all of 17.
Molkis 08.11.2018
Great bunch of posts, Pan. You not only refuted them, you showed cultural Marxism's techniques and its failure to convince.
Dijas 17.11.2018
Mr Huckabee admitted SHS did not go out to eat in town after the Red Hen affair, she went with her hubby back to where they were sleeping.
Mern 26.11.2018
I know women love women as well as couples enjoy going and then go home for wild sex. Just not my thing


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