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The Doc Is Always Right

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The Doc Is Always Right

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I wasn't talking about any Spaghetti Monsters, but since you don't believe God exists, how can you have any description of God? Why would you need to describe something that doesn't exist?

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Plaquemine la adult store
Plaquemine la adult store
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Kakree 08.05.2018
So what are the chances the company will be able to hire 114 US workers to fill the gap?
Feramar 16.05.2018
I don't think I would hire you, so we are square. :p
Meztilabar 17.05.2018
No double standard. When have we EVER thought differently of trump? Seems pretty consistent to me.
Kasar 24.05.2018
I can't stop you from defending child abuse so you got that part right
Doulmaran 29.05.2018
There is no reason to "take up arms." However, if Waters is a harbinger of things to come, then it might be a good idea at least to keep them ready as most of us know to do anyway.
Brale 01.06.2018
I'd be okay with that. Some neighborhoods in Detroit are improving btw.
Faular 03.06.2018
The question at the end of this OP is, more or less, Pascal's Wager. The answer I like to give is: "Are you suggesting that I become a Scientologist?"
Taujinn 12.06.2018
Now there's some pure genius. Nothing like righteous indignation that is rooted in total ignorance.
Zuluzragore 22.06.2018
I stare into nothing at times when in deep thought but never because I lost control of my raging hormones.
Nesar 24.06.2018
religions do not start from stupid people, that's for sure
Akinocage 29.06.2018
Employer pays 6.2 as well.
Grom 30.06.2018
I know, you just threaten violence. Weak, lol. Imagine how deeply unimpressed all the other people in the restaurant would be
Yozshubar 07.07.2018
You say that you "don't care what the world thinks". Really? That is not possible. There are hazards in the world that you better care about. Obviously, you have already escaped reality. You actually believe there is a heaven, sight unseen, and with absolutely no evidence. So you are going to live in la la land forever. For doing what? Just believing in non sense entitles you to live in opulence forever? Wow!! That is quite a reward for doing absolutely nothing of value.


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