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Which in no way disproves what I posted. Homilies aren't really known for their factual nature. But I totally understand believing in a fairy tale because you want it to be true.

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Moogumi 07.07.2018
I was thinking more of the second bit. Naming yourself after how much you (allegedly) upset SJWs seems like having an ongoing go at them. You're the one who said that being on the attack all the time indicated insecurity, not me.
Dulabar 11.07.2018
I have answered this a couple of times, it does not look like they are posting.
Nataur 19.07.2018
I don't think HE dog whistled them, so much that the idea that you put the USA first appealed to them. Of course they (the bigots) don't think about the fact that "we" are a melting pot, and the Far Left wants to forget about the fact that "we" (The US) are built on The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and The Bill of Rights...
Duramar 23.07.2018
This nation is not a democracy. This nation is a republic. In a republic, the Law is King, and everyone, including the government that makes the Law, is expected to obey the Law. We have fallen far from our roots.
Zoloktilar 27.07.2018
Your bigoted crap needs to be shut down
Gardajin 31.07.2018
You can call bogus on the analogy all you like, but I don't care. It isn't a bogus analogy.
Nikolkis 10.08.2018
So man bad, he hurt mommy earth for profit and it is all USA fault. Yep, good little disciple of GoreBull warming, you have most of the talking points down.
Baramar 19.08.2018
Republicans today consider "Ellis Island" style immigration as "open borders" though.
Dizahn 21.08.2018
You?re entitled to your opinion, and I get it.
Gardanos 29.08.2018
Has anyone mentioned Dawkins yet?
Kazir 01.09.2018
Why the hell would I want your "respect"?
Visho 05.09.2018
See my reply below. Too much typing.
Grocage 08.09.2018
yes, religion is for simpletons.
Zugis 15.09.2018
About Islamic terrorists? Those concerns aren't prejudice. They are prejudiced not us.
Moogular 25.09.2018
Kishura 03.10.2018
Goodbye Kath, you f^#cking c^#t!
Daira 08.10.2018
In order for you to say it is out of context, you would have to first know what the proper context is. So why don't you educate us on the proper context of the quotes I've cited.
Kalkis 16.10.2018
fine to have a grade teacher!!! I find yu wanting plenty yerself; nevertheless I don't take it personal...because I am certain and sure.. :) LOL!!!
Kezilkree 25.10.2018
Not only Historical but truly God who came down from his Heavenly abode in the flesh as a man, to Save mankind. He came to give us the gift of eternal life for those who will repent from their sins and Believe in Him and what He did at the Cross.


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