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Very interesting. When you consider how many previous ruling influences, translations and revisions there had already been, it's a wonder people still consider the book to contain the exact words of God. (or really, anything close...)

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Taulkree 08.08.2018
I can?t date you because you supported the Nazi?s. Therefore, I cannazi you (cannot see you).
Zulkigar 14.08.2018
clearly, you know nothing.
Shaktilrajas 24.08.2018
Oh, like *you* avoiding "teaching other people how they have to live"?
Kak 01.09.2018
Are you going to tell me the girl who worked in Starbucks, the one who called the cops on two black men who just sat down quietly, is a Trump supporter? Sure, whatever, probably got a Masters in Women's Studies, and is another liberal hypocrite.
Faunos 10.09.2018
No no, we're not just talking about rape situations, I don't think abortions in the cases of rape are even on the chopping block for all but the most extreme of anti-abortionists.
Meztiramar 12.09.2018
No, but belief in God, should make you more accountable for
Goltimuro 19.09.2018
That's a nice straw man.


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