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Sacrilegious? I'm not sure. But I am sure it panders to the "I'm saved, you're not" ideology. And/or the "You'll go to Hell if you don't personally appreciate this torture."

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Tojall 05.03.2018
Ah, herpes...the gift that keeps on giving!
Vukasa 12.03.2018
Then I guess he really does believe that life is literally a box of chocolates. LOL
Malakus 21.03.2018
The more you know!
Gardagis 23.03.2018
For the average person, yes. I have known some people that I would credit their religious belief with keeping them alive. I had a schizophrenic patient who had persecutory delusions that demons were trying to drag her to hell and the only place she felt safe was in church so she stayed there everyday. She was not very rational and reaching her with logic was not possible. I have also known a lot of schizophrenics who smoke cigarettes - clearly unhealthy - yet their going cold turkey was not possible and was, perhaps, the only thing adequately controlling their psychosis.
Samuzragore 25.03.2018
If this is what you are hoping for.
Akinogar 03.04.2018
Anybody who reads the whole discourse, however, will see that there are leanings among the court to protect the rights of private citizens and entities from overreach by government. Citizens United and Hobby Lobby are particularly telling.
Kigaramar 10.04.2018
You are profoundly ignorant about science. We see this with every post you make.
Akisida 19.04.2018
it's objective. No matter what universe it only pops into existence once regardless of any opinion on any things part.
Yozshujora 28.04.2018
Is he the one who keeps posting threads here? I deleted one then he posted another. I'm not amused.
Doukinos 07.05.2018
Funny you should mention that. With the liar in chief who gets called on his consistent lying every single day, I tend to BELIEVE Stormy version of getting paid $130k over President Pinocchio's version. Who's the real joker here???
Mulmaran 18.05.2018
Then he must have been only snow white person living at that time in that world. :-)
Aragar 27.05.2018
Not Christianity - people.
Yojinn 29.05.2018
It can be both.
Nera 05.06.2018
Tort reform protects me from someone using the government to fleece me. Keep them from judge shopping. My property is my liberty. Bathrooms people have a basic right to privacy and to expect that the opposite sex will not be using such. It's the same with changing rooms and locker rooms in public schools. I am for marrying whoever or whatever you want. I don't think it should have any government interference other than as a basic co-mingling of property contract. The fact that the government wants to dictate what that means and what I have to accept as far as association is offensive. Marry your sister if you want, but I shouldn't have to associate with you.
Voodoozil 06.06.2018
my beliefs can change anything necessary to be changed. like you for example... if you do not change and believe the gospel of Christ, there is no doubt about it, your going to SPLIT HELL WIDE OPEN!!!
Nikokinos 07.06.2018
Between Hoods recent comments, the fact he acted sour about going into the game late a while back, I can?t help but think there is beef between Lebron and hood. There is no logical reason that Rodney Hood should have been on the bench for almost the entire playoffs. For that matter, since he was traded there. Dude is a legit offensive weapon and he plays D. But they just barely realized he could be a valuable asset when their back was against the wall? Nah. Cry baby Lebron most likely made that call and Lue finally grew a pair and realized they need all the talent they can get. Hope Hood gets an lucrative deal as a FA. Cleavland doesn?t deserve Hood.
Voodoolrajas 08.06.2018
The problem is though, there ARE people saying men are to blame for everything. And they are the very ones that keep preventing any effort to look into fatherhood and boyhood issues with any degree of intellectual seriousness, at least in the academic community.
Gor 13.06.2018
As for US, three states conditioned ratification of the Constitution specifically on the right to secede. Those were Rhode Island, New York and Virginia. It would seem that Virginia may have been subject to the rule of conquest.
Akizil 18.06.2018
a lot of people ive blocked are all nice on this channell, but are really nasty and racist on others.
Gusida 24.06.2018
My Brother is vegan, there are some really tasty alts.


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