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Mom smokes meth with son

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Oh, so just made a throwaway remark. No I am not related, no German or Greek heritage, now the Princes of Wales maybe.

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Mirg 20.06.2018
Never heard of it
Mugul 21.06.2018
There were 3 million more votes for a white female, so I don't think the color of the candidates skin ever bothered the Democrats.
Zululmaran 24.06.2018
It is still your failure not to see it.
Tojajar 28.06.2018
Islam? A tree will be known by its' fruit.
Shakashakar 02.07.2018
I find that Philip DeFranco went over it best. It isn't really what OP and most people are reading into it.
Dim 05.07.2018
Nope. And neither were his rights violated like Khadr's were. You are comparing apples and oranges.
Daira 07.07.2018
20 years ago my GF told me its the safe time of the month and then we ended up in the clinic. A friend was about to split with his and decided to have a last tango. Prior to that she called me to say she'll make him stay by having his kid. I told her no point as you'll only end up having a messy life. She then proceeded but dumped him and never allowed him to see the kid who is an adult herself now. Does these count as the ability to ensnare?
Akinom 12.07.2018
If that number is correct, which I have no reason to doubt, that is a net increase in the population. Although decreased at the moment, the flow still occurs.
Fegor 14.07.2018
economy got "better" in spite of obama, not because of...
Mikanos 14.07.2018
He grabbed some boobs too? I thought he just tried to lift skirts.
Nikoramar 24.07.2018
Yeah I got the gist of the story, I just wasn't sure which one you were calling the narcissist.
Tojazahn 27.07.2018
Except as a ROman Citizen Paul was able to demand justice before a Roman Magistrate, Paul would not have been subject to the Sanhedrin unless he consented to be subjected to them.
Tygokasa 04.08.2018
Maybe you should re read what i wrote too. There is separation between church and state and what else needs to be conquered? What fight?
Tozil 12.08.2018
The Bible does not provide a consistent view of God. If you want a God that speaks and is an entity then you are worshipping a god, not the Infinite Spirit in which we all live, move and have our Being.
Zulukasa 22.08.2018
Sorry, I have a soldier's point of view. War is very much a norm for humans. That doesn't mean I agree with it... since soldiers' lives are the ones generally lost.
Mejas 30.08.2018
The term "racist" is a vastly over-used, misused insult. The Left should think up other insults, and use them where it is appropriate.
Dajinn 07.09.2018
You don't like the race comparison? How about a Muslim butcher who only sells his good cuts to Muslims, and the bad cuts to Jews? Is that a more apt comparison? It is discrimination based on the religion of the customer. Is not every customer entitled to purchase whatever is available for sale in the store?
Nikolabar 13.09.2018
Here is the only relevant sentence in the article: " He threatened to hit the company with an unspecified tax if it attempted to sell motorcycles in the United States that were made outside the country."
Kik 14.09.2018
Yes their are some dual covenant Christians. Not all are.
Malale 22.09.2018
I'll tell you what's stupid: belief without evidence.
Kajisar 28.09.2018
So because a father doesn't give birth, he's also not a parent?
Femi 07.10.2018
I think that?s partly why I never embellished mine; having the other person putting me on blast was enough deterrent not to lie.
Mezragore 11.10.2018
Britain has a Queen , we have a drama queen. We call him Justin the groper or the abortion king
Kazim 12.10.2018
Good Morning Stinkers and Stinkerettes.
Motaur 20.10.2018
And people have been doing it for millennia.
Shazragore 30.10.2018
He had a decent Denver stint and was good in NYK in his 6th man of the year campaign
Mikarr 01.11.2018
Since you still don't know what a bottleneck is, then you should stop with the nonsense on the "true kinds" on the Ark because you don't even come close to understanding what that would actually do to a lineage.
Arashinos 09.11.2018
I blame Tex
Jugore 17.11.2018
Vacillation is a consistent characteristic of the demographic
Arashitaxe 24.11.2018
some times to make the emphasis I need to type it out phonetically... *wink*
Meztigore 30.11.2018
Yup! Along with the lying and self enrichment. Druggie got lots of experience in that in his one pathetic term as a city councillor.
Tura 07.12.2018
It was the quality about what God represents, that I was referring to as a belief. That being basically what all my comments have been about. In case it wasn't clear.


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