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Men wearing pantyhose for support

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No, its not. It does say the bible is wrong though, totally wrong.

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Men wearing pantyhose for support
Men wearing pantyhose for support
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Tauzragore 19.06.2018
State of euphoria?
Nijin 28.06.2018
There are extensive writings about Abe Lincoln, even when he was alive. The same isn?t said for Christ.
Vudozshura 04.07.2018
Believe me, I am grounded in reality. Were I not absolutely sure of
Ket 08.07.2018
You're supposed to drink it, not take Little TeeJ for a dip in it.
Tautaxe 15.07.2018
Ja bye now. I'm finished with u. You weren't much of the challenge you promised to be. Send another homo sexual to debate me. You are same old same old.
Mooguk 21.07.2018
You need to take a look outside of the box.
Dit 31.07.2018
Compare: A nimiety of culinary specialists vitiate the liquid in which a variety of nutritional substances have been gently boiled.
Gardall 04.08.2018
The minimum wage system just doesn't work. I wonder how states in which the wage limit was raised are fairing? Anywho, I live in Mississippi and here the minimum wage is as the government dictated: $7.25 an hour. I heard McDonalds workers are being paid much more than that, not that I work for McDonalds, it's just a reference point. I too work for a company that is considered a billion dollar company, if not multi-million dollar company and...we get paid bottoms level dollar. Might as well name the company (ABM/GCA) and to say the least they are strictly a for profit organization. Cost cutting has gotten so out of hand that we can't even dispense toilet paper like we should. I personally make 8.50 an hour and was offered a raise back in November, but since the contract for the companies services are up in the air, I've been stalled out. I'm not asking for much, just for what's due. I did a little research and I Found Out that the living wage for single person, no kids and whatnot, would come out to $10 am hour, might be much more now in hindsight, but making that much would make a world of difference in my pay, especially after taxes. With my current pay, I don't even get minimum wage after taxes. Personally I hope the contract isn't upheld, because if they're cutting price and rationing toilet paper and other supplies, labor can't be too far behind it. I feel the staff could be retained by the school, but...who knows? People, me included have said that raising minimum wage doesn't fix anything, I now say...Doing Nothing sure won't help Either.
Guzilkree 09.08.2018
Ruben - Logic with a touch of humor. Thanks
Sadal 19.08.2018
Mezirn 21.08.2018
Please refrain from posting images of the dead. Thank you.
Zololar 24.08.2018
I know you are trying to be snarky bit zombies imply death and decay and that is not what is described.
Kagataxe 29.08.2018
You don't have to trust me at all. And I don't care. But one thing is for sure. I don't make up statistics. I research them. So they are not my numbers. Now, you've shown me to be a liar about what? You have a weak mind.
Vot 02.09.2018
Dublin Texas Dr Pepper!!!!!!!!
Tojora 05.09.2018
How do you come to that conclusion?
Fenos 08.09.2018
True, I just think Christianophobia expresses it better.
Voodoozragore 09.09.2018
Witness tampering---So, how's that witch hunt going? Looks pretty damn good to me!
Goltibar 16.09.2018
And Mexican Oatmeal Soup has what exactly to do with Cherokees?
Fenrirg 23.09.2018
A loaded, unfair situation. He punished man for acting exactly how he made them to act. He prompted them. That's entrapment and entirely illegal.
Nezahn 30.09.2018
That is a new level of unmitigated bullcrap even for your very, very low standards.
Arabei 04.10.2018
It's too easy for their "special logic" to fall apart. The truth truly does hurt them.
Kazrashicage 13.10.2018
Nope. It is just an analogy to help us humans understand. It is no more magical that the chemistry that produces soap.
Akimuro 16.10.2018
islam is not a church
Mubei 19.10.2018
You didn't find the ObamaCare ruling political? Changing the intention of congress in the individual mandate so that it could pass constitutional muster in a convoluted way to force me to pay a fee to the government for not buying a product? They knew that if they just sent it back to the congress like the court is supposed to do, that it wouldn't pass a second time with a GOP majority in the house so they legislated from the bench. There are a myriad of political rulings, and even justices on the bench who admit to it, even going so far as to incorporate foreign law as reasoning for rulings.
Dougis 24.10.2018
I believe it's conventionally spelled Brahma. But yes.
Moogugami 28.10.2018
Any moral system that condones slavery isn't a good moral system. Its one which causes harm, so I'd have a hard time saying that any god which does that is exactly a moral agent.
Kazraktilar 31.10.2018
It's controlling to the extreme. We are going to have kids on MY timetable and if you disobey there will be consequences.
Fenrijinn 07.11.2018
I'd like to give her a swift kick in the @ss
Akinosida 11.11.2018
I don't see anything about dingos specifically on that link. In context, it seems to be about the dogs we keep as pets. See
Metaur 16.11.2018
This was Obama's list.


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