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Ho Ho HOMG! Santas Little Helper Gives Santa A Present He Wont Soon Forget!

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Ho Ho HOMG! Santas Little Helper Gives Santa A Present He Wont Soon Forget!

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Yea I remember that nutcase Gregory Charles. Wondered where it went. American patriot seems to write same. How in hell do you know that if true.I also remember blocking it long ago the comments being so inane. I had thought of blocking A Patriot but it was fun seeing all make an ass of it. Again how in hell do you know it?s Gregory again.

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Madame xs vintage planet
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Arashijas 31.05.2018
yeah, people kill solely to eat lol
Samujin 09.06.2018
Don?t bother, dude.
Aragar 15.06.2018
"What are these "bigger questions"?"
Yozil 24.06.2018
They can I am sure of it. I am a non partisan voter who voted for Trump. I usually vote democrat but will not be doing so again any time soon.
Malar 28.06.2018
I was late 2 days in a row because of construction... My personal procedure is if you are going to be late bring donuts. I need to leave earlier... Ughhhhj.
Arasar 05.07.2018
Yes, you did. As long as gay people play by the arbitrary rules established by society - to blend in, to not engage in sex, to actively engage in false marriages, to sublimate themselves and fade into anonymity and obscurity - then they don't have to worry about violence or discrimination or all that nasty stuff.
Vobar 13.07.2018
Other than your blunders about not mentioning the Bible, not knowing that their were very distinct Jewish groups that were very much like today's political parties and not reading what I wrote about Jesus the son of god? LOL!
Mak 14.07.2018
Each sect does but they keep changing over time.
Kir 17.07.2018
If you want to make all kinds of assertions, why don't you post the links?
Kazrami 25.07.2018
Maybe a simple google search could help you.
Gurg 31.07.2018
Exactly. What quality of life does a young person who does nothing but stare down on their phone have? But they're young so their opinion matters more. REALLY makes me mad.
Akinogal 03.08.2018
It's hard to imagine there's anyone more transparently corrupt than Trump presently alive.
Gorg 05.08.2018
Frankly, it sounds ludicrous. I never realized how different women are from men when it comes to sex.
Kaziran 15.08.2018
Marriage has to be defined.
Zulkigar 15.08.2018
Didn?t you call them layabouts? And if you acknowledge they aren?t just sitting around then what is your point about their ?nature??
Samum 19.08.2018
I?m a lady on the streets and a freak between the sheets. Mother in law will never know what I?m doing to her precious ?baby boy? lol
Dashakar 23.08.2018
I have a Large framed print on my wall. I have seen it myself it is awesome. ?? ??
Mikazshura 23.08.2018
Yes, this is a very hard one to understand, guruurug. 1+1=2
Netilar 26.08.2018
Oh. Not at all.
Dirr 04.09.2018
Better to just accept & move on, I know!
Aradal 09.09.2018
I would apply it to anyone that wants to have actual action taken to stop child rape and wants to end their support of it regardless of it being direct or indirect support.
Sharisar 16.09.2018
I would absolutely do that and if that didn't work maybe find another doctor. That seems so contrary to what should be getting done for you


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