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you'll find out when the judgment comes...there is either Heaven or hell..

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Kate s adult playground
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Tygole 19.08.2018
"The President can only submit legislation through a member of Congress." Different wording but that is exactly what I said. What on Earth do you think I meant by request?
Akinotaxe 24.08.2018
Boring is relative, as it what's reasonable.
Voodoosida 27.08.2018
Aren't you keeping up on current affairs? What foreigners think doesn't matter any more.
Mushicage 05.09.2018
I'm not close-minded at all. You made a fool of yourself. It has nothing to do with me.
Vikazahn 12.09.2018
At least one of them went there in that era.
Dougal 13.09.2018
^^^ really is this fucking stupid
Daigor 19.09.2018
Ancient? Those bigots are still alive today, and have yet to repent their sins.
Shakakazahn 24.09.2018
No, I don't squawk about your fictions. Kathy Griffin is a no-talent nut job - she's not a political leader. She's the left-wing equivalent of Ted Nugent. The difference is Griffin was ostracized for her antics, while Nugent was invited to the SOTU (after saying he wanted to shoot Obama in the mouth and Clinton in the vagina). Maxine Waters called for verbal confrontation - if that's terrorizing, then right wing media should be in Gitmo.
Mazutaur 01.10.2018
He will just create another new sock to say how well respected he is at all the channels. I thought his pettiness and nonsense was bad before. It reached a new insane level.
Sakazahn 06.10.2018
Those are two rather subjective topics in regards to pardons. Neither were extremely serious crimes,
Samujind 08.10.2018
Hint, do state "FACTS" if you don't have any to back up your assertions.
Moogugore 16.10.2018
Those who kneel have, and will, pay !!
Akinokinos 19.10.2018
Maybe,Toronto should rescind that sanctuary city designation.
Douzahn 22.10.2018
"Founded in 1866, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) extended into almost every southern state by 1870 and became a vehicle for white southern resistance to the Republican Party?s Reconstruction-era policies aimed at establishing political and economic equality for blacks. Its members waged an underground campaign of intimidation and violence directed at white and black Republican leaders."
Fera 23.10.2018
English. English please. Thanks
Tozshura 28.10.2018
Is this the only tactics you have? Desperate attempts to drop the conversation down into a mud-flinging match?
Febar 02.11.2018
I?m afraid only the weak, the incompetent, or the immoral need the threat of a punishing deity to find ?hope and purpose?.
Gardakora 05.11.2018
Would you be so kind to define "optimal" in you context?
Malamuro 07.11.2018
Let me try to understand your slightly convoluted reasoning. Are you suggesting that kneeling during the national anthem is 'freaking out' ??? Are you also suggesting that this action is one that those who don't kneel see as only a behavioural aberration, in which case why the need for Trump to insist that everyone stands for the anthem ? You see, I think that the ones who are getting all upset are those who fall into the same group that were offended by Tommy Smith and John Carlos back in the 1968 Olympics. It's possible you are too young to know about that so I suggest you Google it.
Tygozragore 14.11.2018
What a good idea for a thread.
Gokazahn 18.11.2018
I'm sure she wasn't the epitome of a loving mother, but a life sentence without parole for a non-violent crime so to speak is a bit much----no? Besides, if the Justice Department had submitted it to Obama they must have seen some value.
Nigis 25.11.2018
i?m just super jelly I can?t high step with long legs like you guys do :|
Zushicage 26.11.2018
Just because you call yourselves that doesn't mean you are that. Are the Tennessee titans actually titans? Are the Washington redskins actually native Indians?
Shakagul 27.11.2018
Maybe. Another OP has started on this site that has strong leanings this way. It will be interesting to see how many out right make the claim. I bet many can be baited into admitting their belief in this.
Vull 04.12.2018
Working for Scumbag Trump is not a protected class.
Muzragore 05.12.2018
Now only if another certain sect of Christianity would learn from this mistake.
Akinolmaran 09.12.2018
stop it you dolt.
Kigajin 18.12.2018
Silly atheists using science and biology and abundant evidence from the world around us as part of their argument. As if that beats having an emotional investment in a belief that we are special and the universe revolves around us.
Grogrel 20.12.2018
Well... I had the same approach. An open discussion. The love is there. That paper is a contract. Is a legal way to protect that person you love. I would rather spend that money traveling than on a wedding where I feel like I have to please everyone but myself.
Kigalkis 26.12.2018
Congrats - gotta keep that birthrate up!
Ter 30.12.2018
She needs a boatload of
Brarisar 03.01.2019
Has any religious institution entered on the side of "Inflict more suffering on children!"?
Gujind 14.01.2019
Observed through genetics...big IF using the extreme past and constructing things don't you think? If its continuing...it should be traced genetically. The idea, it takes too long is bull...as that continuing process would be happening real time. Fast breeders etc can be a focus. They are but nothing.
Vudogal 19.01.2019
I'm still pointing that out. They are not capable of making rational decisions when anything is involved, because rational decision making doesn't fully develop until your mid twenties. For some, much longer.
Fenriktilar 27.01.2019
And I do. Guess this explains the different paths we've chosen.


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